Whose stitches are these?

Stitches & Stretchmarks is the story of my journey through pregnancy and childbirth into parenting.

When I was pregnant I realised just how fond women are of terrifying each other with horrific tales of childbirth disasters and the promise of piles, stitches and stretchmarks. I set out to write this blog so that other women like me would have somewhere to go to find the answers to the “stupid questions” and to hear some of the realities of having a baby without the shock tactics so many other women resort to.

So, who is behind Stitches & Stretchmarks? Well, it’s just me – Ted’s Mum.

I’m a GCSE and A-level Psychology teacher, a personal tutor and a wife. I like to knit, sew and generally stick things together in a messy kind of way. I love dancing with Ted and making him giggle by kissing his tummy. He loves cars, balls and brooms!

Ted’s expecting a little brother at the end of September 2013.

I’m happy to review toys and other baby products so please get in touch using the twitter and facebook links in the menu bar, by leaving me a comment, or by emailing stitchesandstretchmarks@hotmail.co.uk


About Stitches and Stretchmarks

Honest and frank Mum of one.
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4 Responses to Whose stitches are these?

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  2. thebeesleybuzz says:

    love your openness and honesty on your blog. just popped by to say hello and congrats on becoming a Nuby blogger. x

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