My little monster is now eating real food. Well, you know, mashed up approximations of real food. And he bloody loves it!

Ted’s four months old and he’s a big boy (which has probably come up in past entries) so I’m perfectly happy weaning him early BUT I’m far too scared to admit it to the Health Visitor Almighty (which has definitely come up in a previous entry.)

Because he’s weaning and because his grandparents wanted to get him a practical Christmas present he now has a high chair. And he loves that too! Being up at table height means he can participate in his favourite activity more easily – watching Mummy & Daddy eat their dinner – and because it swivels around he can also watch me cooking, cleaning and generally pottering around wondering what it was I was supposed to be doing.

We chose the Cosatto 3Sixti Circle and we’re so happy with it. The height adjustment is a dream, the swivel is so handy, the table clips in easily & has a bright cover that Ted loves grabbing. The only thing I’d add would be some sort of wheels or rollers as I’d like to be able to use it on the lowest height in the living room, but although it’s heavy I can just about get it from room to room if I wiggle it. What would be better would be having two, but I’m not sure we can convince Grandma that we need another…



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5 Responses to Tedzilla

  1. Vicky Morley says:

    Thanks for the lovely review -so glad you’re happy. Just so you know -we’ve worked on the wheels to improve the product and the new models will have them (sorry you missed them though)! Oh and last but not least …that’s the cutest pic of little Ted! Whenyou get time upload it to our cosatto babies flickr stream (link on cosatto.com homepage) x

  2. Helly says:

    Just stumbled on your blog- great reading! I have a 7 month old daughter and I started weaning her at exactly 17wks but like you didn’t want to admit this to the HV!!
    You have a beautiful baby boy. Enjoy every moment xx

    • Thank you, I think he’s quite cute too 😉
      Isn’t it terrible that they make us feel like that? I assume your daughter was fine with early weaning as you didn’t shout warnings at me!
      I will make the most of every minute with him x

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