Dummy dummy

I first gave Ted a dummy on his third day in the world. I didn’t want to but he was using me for comfort and aside from getting increasingly painful I was ready to go home & couldn’t prop my boobs on his car seat for the hour-long journey.

Now, this isn’t going to turn in to a “how do I wean my baby off his dummy?” post as I’m quite happy for it to be his sleep cue. He never has it at any other time & won’t even entertain it if he’s not tired.

What this is, though, is a “how can I stop him pulling it out when he’s dropping off?” post.

He’ll be so close to the edge when he’ll slip a finger underneath & flick it out or get his finger caught in the handle. Or he’ll just take it out & think he’s clever getting it back to his mouth, but it’s the wrong way round.

Nap-time used to be so easy but now he won’t keep his hands away from his mouth it takes around 30 minutes to get him to drop off (and he only naps for half an hour anyway.)

I’ve tried putting his blankie in his hands but it doesn’t work now he’s more in control of his movements. Occasionally putting a spare dummy in his hand works but it depends whether he chucks it before he’s ready to drop off.

Any other suggestions? Or just experience of the same thing & words of comfort?

Right now he’s whining but not crying so I’m trying to ignore him but it’s hard when I know he’d sleep if he’d just keep it in his mouth.

You’re going to tell me to get rid of the dummy, aren’t you?


Edit: I thought it might be worth mentioning that after an absolutely disastrous morning, during which Ted did not have a nap, I decided to try scratch mitts. So far so good…


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