Ted’s coming up to 22 weeks old and has been sleeping from 7-7 since 12 weeks, and only woke up at 5 from 6 weeks. We’ve been pretty lucky (apart from the night we brought him home, when I honestly wondered how the hell I was going to be a Mum).

Of the past four or five nights Ted has woken up at a silly time for three of them. The timing has been pretty good as it’s Christmas, meaning BabyDaddy can sleep through me soothing him & I can have a lie-in. You quickly lose the knack of getting up in the night, it seems.

But even though when I first wake up I groan and plod to his room bleary-eyed and a tad resentful, I actually quite enjoy holding my baby and making him feel better.

When he was younger night-waking was dealt with by putting his dummy in & closing the door without a word for as many times as it took for him to go back to sleep. It didn’t take long.

Now he can take his dummy out (and his mitts off) and grab the animals on his mobile and grab his cot bars and and and… it’s more difficult. I soothe him when he wakes crying & then I leave him to do whatever he feels like so long as he’s quiet in the hopes that he’ll wear himself out. Sometimes he does.

Today he’s been awake for an hour and a half. He’s got tummy ache. He’s also just a bit stubborn sometimes. Can’t think where he gets that from.

One thing you don’t realise when you’re pregnant & you’re wondering how you’ll get through the nights is that you won’t mind. There are some nights that are easier than others – or, rather, there are some nights that are harder than others – but generally speaking you’re awake because your baby needs you, and that’s okay.

It doesn’t feel so okay when you’re poorly, and it’s hard not to feel resentful when BabyDaddy doesn’t even stir (even though there have been times when he’s had to shake me awake to tell me he doesn’t know what else to try), and it is difficult when there doesn’t seem to be a reason and there’s nothing you can do to get them to sleep. It’s hard coping with the helplessness when they’re poorly and you can’t fix it, and it makes you feel like a bad Mummy when you’ve had a bad night & you spend the next day like a zombie, barely finding the energy to play peep-o.

But I really don’t mind because he’s my son and it’s my job to make him as happy, comfortable and contented as possible. It would seem odd to say I’d die for him but then not stay awake for him. I’d give him everything I had and if that includes a few hours at night then so be it.

But if you’re reading this, Ted, remember one thing: there are more games of peep-o when Mummy’s had her eight hours.

*Two hours & a lot of tummy-rubbing later he seems to have dropped off, minus the occasional squeal that tells me the tummy ache hasn’t entirely gone. Unfortunately it’ll be another hour of me listening to check that he’s okay before I go back to sleep, but I have a book and some Frazzles so it ain’t all bad.

I also have the prospect of a lie-in and a bacon sandwich…



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4 Responses to Sleep?

  1. alliwaw says:

    i totally get this – some night ARE easier (or harder) than others. i myself had a little 7am pity party (tears for a second and everything), as my newbaby had been up since 4 am, and hungry on the hour…continued until 8am, and then 3 hours of sleep glorious sleep….

    but yes, totally worth it, even if you feel crappy in the moment…….. πŸ™‚

  2. Rachel says:

    Totally agreeing with this! Especially the last few weeks when isaac has decided, after ‘treating’ us to waking up once a night, that at 4 months old he’s going to be up every 2-3 hours. He’s also worked out his right arm can make a good noise if bashed against the cot! So frustrating, trying to work out why (he’s a baby!) and back to feeling like a zombie.
    But as you say totally worth it, especially his morning smiles when I finally give in!

    • Oh, the “look how clever I am!” moments! Ted’s favourite is grabbing his projector (it attaches to the bars) and banging it backwards and forwards whilst shouting and/or laughing maniacally!

      I disagreed with my own post when he was awake for three hours a few nights ago though πŸ˜‰

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