Teething part two

So, as I mentioned before my little man is teething like he means it. He started with sore gums really early, but now there’s definitely no denying that his teeth are on their way.

My freak-outs aside, watching my boy suffering with such nasty pain is not nice. He chomps his fist, he chomps my hand, he chomps his toys, and when he chomps with a bit that’s too sore he screams bloody murder. He’s gone from sleeping through to waking up at odd times throughout the night and not knowing how to settle himself. He’s got a Calpol habit that’s going to land him in The Priory.

He’s loved his Nuby bug-o-loop ever since we bought him it – first because he could grab it confidently, then because he could throw it a fair distance, and now because it actually does what it’s supposed to. But even the trusty bug-o-loop can’t withstand all of the teething terror and, having tried every gel-filled fridge-cooled teether I could find, BabyNanny reminded me that I’d bought the Nuby Nibbler a while ago.

The Nuby Nibbler, if you haven’t heard of it, looks like a strange paintbrush with a net where the bristles should go. You unclip the net, put whatever foody substance you think your baby would like inside it, and off you go. Today I decided to give it a go with some pureed pear I’d frozen a couple of days ago.

There’s a bit of a knack to opening the Nibbler and before I’d quite got the hang of it I was a little frustrated, but it’s not as bad as lots of other baby products out there (I’m looking at you, Tommee Tippee sippy cup) and it was well worth the effort.

It took Ted a minute or two to work out what was going on (and who wouldn’t be a bit confused by a net-paintbrush-frozen-pear?) but after that he seemed to enjoy the ice on his gums. I only put a small amount in to see what he’d think of it (and I would do that next time and just top it up, otherwise it would melt quite quickly as Ted liked to hold that rather than the handle) and before long it was gone, but afterwards he went back to playing with his toys without so much as a grumble.

Believe me, that was a massive relief.

So, Nuby receive the Stitches and Stretchmarks Blog Post of Love title yet again. I’m beginning to wonder whether I should even bother looking anywhere but the Nuby website whenever I need anything new. Oh, and when you do buy stuff from them they give you a 25% off voucher for next time. BabyDaddy might need to put a block on the website…

* I’m not paid by Nuby, I’m just a bit in love with them for making Ted stop crying.


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13 Responses to Teething part two

  1. Paige says:

    Never thought to put frozen food in there. Don’t know if baby girl is teething or what but she isn’t sleeping well and is a super grouch. I’ll try it. I also second the notion of the Tommie products. Dislike!

    • That blinking sippy cup got launched across the room the first time I tried it (and as Ted didn’t seem to like it I haven’t bothered trying it again.) It may be cheap but I’d rather buy a more expensive one than ever deal with it again!

      The frozen fruit worked really well for Ted, but I think some out-of-the-fridge banana might work too. As the pear had been pureed first it wasn’t hard like ice so he could still get a good chomp on it, but it seemed to help such a lot. Definitely worth a try.

  2. Good luck with the teething, hard times, but least you sound prepared 🙂 x

  3. Philippa Smith says:

    Also had the same with the Tommie Tippee sippy cup!
    But as for the Nuby Nibbler, love it! My little one likes in with satsuma segments inside. Banana works well, only thing is you need to wash the netting straight away as the banana goes brown and stains the netting.

    • I’m so so happy with it! Asda do their own version now and I bought one of those to see if it was easier than ordering spare nets for the Nuby but it was rubbish, so the Nuby website will be getting another hit 😉
      I found out about banana yesterday! I don’t think I’ve managed to get it all out yet. I think I might avoid it in the future.
      How old is your little one?
      Thanks for commenting 🙂

  4. kirstyross85 says:

    Oliver is currently teething and we have one of these will definitely try the frozen puree x

    • It’s definitely worth a try. I think I might get Ted’s back in service now his back teeth are bothering him so much, so I’ll let you know what else I find that works well.

      Let me know how you & Oliver get on with it too. Just be prepared for a bit if a sticky mess! That’s half the fun for them though, isn’t it? 😉

      • kirstyross85 says:

        It is, will be giving it a try this week 🙂 we’re currently testing other teether toys at the moment too x (we’re having a teether toy trials – feel free to join in/share the competition too) xxxxxx

      • I asked Tamsin to package me up some giveaways this month as I’ve got almost everything Nuby do now! I wish the competition had been when Ted was a bit younger as it would have saved me a fortune, haha.

  5. kirstyross85 says:

    We’ve been quite lucky really, Oliver is 13 weeks old and we received our first package when he was less than 3 weeks old. I must admit though, I do buy Nuby anyway, not just because of blogging for them but because we like the products. I haven’t had a bad one yet, bought or otherwise x

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