Feel the love

I’ve been having a bit of a rough time off-screen so tonight I decided that instead of dwelling on it any more than I already have I was going to go and catch up on all of the blogs I’ve neglected during my misery period.

And, as I’m kind like that, I’m going to share some of my favourite posts with you in case there are any blogs I like that you haven’t found yet (or if, like me, you’ve had a bit of enforced offline time).

First up is a post a lot of my Twitter followers have already read if my feed is anything to go by, but one that deserves to be read a lot more. This post by SnooAndMe is really honest and very very powerful. Give the whole blog a read and leave her some comments.

I absolutely LOVE this post by Dorkymum. It’s about how photos don’t have to be perfect to be meaningful and I think it will strike a chord with most of us. I really love the Paris photo. At least the sparkler made it in!

You can probably tell that a blog with the tagline “I’m the mom who makes you feel better about your parenting” is going to be a good one, but MotherhoodWTF really is one of my favourite blogs. The blog post I’ve chosen is just one that really makes me smile, but you should check out the others too.

SAHDandProud writes very powerful, very honest posts and you should really read them, but I urge you – no, I implore you – to go and have a look at his Crafty Corner posts. They are genius. He also seems to have the best search engine tags to his blog ever.

One of my favourite Twitter friends is LovelyLeo’sMummy and although her post about Leo clapping is really asking for opinions about television viewing I’m just loving the videos. Leo is very cute and his Mummy clearly adores him.

MinistryOfMum‘s tweets are very funny and her blog is much the same. This post detailing the Health & Safety rules of parenting has a fantastic punchline, and some key information for those of us who are still quite new to the game.

I love posts about how life changes when we have babies, but this one by It’sAMum’sWorld goes further and talks about the changes that keep on happening. It’s a lovely record and makes me smile.

It’sAMummy’sLife needs advice from working Mums about potty training, but also talks about that all-too-familiar Mummy Guilt. In a very eloquent kind of way. Give her some advice if you have some to share, and then check out the rest of her blog too.

This OneBorn and NetMums post by MissingSleep is a brief but very sweet account of how happiness can come out of nowhere and sweep you off your feet in a moment. Sometimes we all need to take the time to remember how that happened to us too.

I really enjoy reading about the development of other people’s babies and this post by Magahabellybean chronicles the first seven months of Liam’s life. It also has the most gorgeous photos of the big man, who looks as chunky as my six month old Teddy. Baby chub is the best!

I’m not picking one post by bryony32 because the boob job story is a great little read, so just go along and read through ready for the next instalment.

This post by Mamalubs about routine, lack of routine, leaving Mummy Guilt behind and ignoring Gina Ford should make every Mummy feel a bit better. Because we all do it.

The posts that make me all warm and fuzzy inside are those about that real Mummy Love that we all know but don’t always talk about. I know I try not to write about it too much because I’d probably never stop. But this post by TheMummyLife is just so lovely it makes me want to write about my love for Ted more often.

ActuallyMummy is a funny, sweet, cute and refreshing blog ghost-written by a Mummy. This post tries to make sense of grown-ups, but I’m not sure anyone will ever really achieve that.

For a little gigle this post by And1MoreMeansFive is pretty sweet. But she’s far too pretty for a Mum of five!

And finally, this Reasons To Be Cheerful post by TiredMummyOfTwo is a real reminder of what’s important. 1lb9oz. Sometimes we all need to take stock and remind ourselves of what we’ve got.

These blogs really have seen me through some tough times recently, and while I haven’t commented enough (for some reason my phone won’t let me comment on anything at the moment) I’ve appreciated every one of them.

If you like them please let them know, and if you think I might like yours leave me a link in the comments and I’ll have a look. If you make me smile you’ll win Brownie points.


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Honest and frank Mum of one.
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10 Responses to Feel the love

  1. Snoo & Me says:

    Thank you so much for including me. I nearly burst into tears! Looking forward to making my way through your recommendations, thank you for sharing them! xxx

    • Sometimes it’s nice to take a bit of time off from promoting your own blog to tell people about the ones you love – or that’s what I’ve discovered tonight! It’s been really good to turn my own life off and read about other people’s for a change.
      I’ll try to leave you a comment again some time soon!

  2. Steph says:

    Aw what a lovely lovely post! It’s good to share the blog love with a shout out!

  3. Alex says:

    Good blog post and of course Snoo and Me needed to be mentioned! 😀 And I have to say I love the pic at the end – a gloworm! My little man is surgically attached to his gloworm. Now following your blog 🙂

    • I’m not sure Ted’s quite got used to his glo-worm yet but I bought him it because I wanted one so desperately when I was little!
      Snoo & Me is such a lovely, sweet little blog. I don’t have many followers but I hope the ones I do have go & check her out if they haven’t already.

  4. Thank you for putting me in here – lovely person that you are :)))))

  5. What a lovely idea, am honoured to be included among your fab post 🙂 Hope things are getting better for you now. Sorry for being a bit late spotting it, not managing the rounds quite as fast with reviewing! 🙂 x

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