Water baby

On Tuesday BabyDaddy and I took Ted swimming for the first time. We were hoping that as he loves splashing in the bath he’d enjoy the freedom of a big swimming pool. We weren’t wrong.

The pool itself was lovely but the staff were awful. We had to wait five minutes at the counter while the manager and the receptionist had a chat, then they told us we had to wait an extra half an hour before the pool would open, then – after waiting in the changing room for the half an hour to pass – we were left standing at the entrance to the pool for ten minutes. But when we did eventually get in it was definitely worth it.

We went to the baby pool and sat on the edge so Ted could kick his legs in the water, then we lowered him in slowly and sat with him between us. He instantly started splashing, grinning and giggling, not even stopping when his eyes and mouth were full of water. He flipped over onto his tummy, he floated on his back, he sat on my knee and splashed his Dad. He had a whale of a time.

We stayed in the pool around 45 minutes before he started to get tired, then we wrapped him in his towel and took him to get dressed. This was the bit I was dreading as the facilities didn’t seem to be particularly baby-friendly and I was worried that Ted would scream the place down. Luckily he was so happy that he didn’t even notice he was on a baby change table (he usually goes mad, shrieks and clings to me), but getting him changed was still difficult because the baby change room – the only place in the building with somewhere to put a baby down – was tiny. And it didn’t have a nappy bin.

Eventually all three of us were dressed and I felt confident enough that I’d be able to do it by myself next time. Somehow. And I also felt fine in my swimming costume.

Six months ago, when we first thought of taking Ted swimming, I had told BabyDaddy he would have to take him without me as I wouldn’t wear a costume. I felt ridiculous and I was gutted I would miss it, but I just couldn’t see how I could do it. Then the baby weight started to go and I was almost back to my previous weight, but that was overweight anyway.

Now, a lot of effort and exercise later, I’m two dress sizes smaller than I was and although I have a mummy tummy and wobbly thighs I feel like I’m in control.

More than that I feel like I’m a Mum.

Ted didn’t notice what I looked like in my swimsuit, he just discovered how amazing it was to be in that pool. Big, small, wobbly or firm, I wouldn’t miss Ted’s excited giggle for the world. I not only care less about me now that I care so much about him, but I also feel untouchable when I’m with him.

Ted makes me feel like a superhero. I hope he’ll think of me as his one day.



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