Mother’s Day

Today was my first ever Mother’s Day as part of the in-group. For the past few years I’ve shed a couple of tears before heading off to cuddle my own Mum, and this year… well, I shed a few tears and cuddled my Mum.

Being Ted’s Mum has made my life something more and I’ve never been happier. Having a day in which I get to demand attention and pampering (more than usual!) simply because I’m lucky enough to be his Mummy seems greedy and hedonistic and wonderful.

He held on to the card his Daddy had helped him scribble on (and he left lovely “kiss” marks on it too). He gave me a papercut by throwing the envelope around. A papercut of love. He had chosen the card himself (by grabbing excitedly at one of the two BabyDaddy held in front of him) and that made me as happy as if he’d made it. Well, almost. I can’t wait for him to actually make one.

I did shed a few tears in recognition of this beautiful life I made and of how beautiful he’s made my life. I looked back at photos of when he was newborn and tried to work out how that huge baby had ever fit inside my tummy. I remembered the feeling of knowing I was going to meet him and then of setting eyes on him. Sometimes I feel like I’ll never be able to tear myself away.

Perhaps my Mother’s Day didn’t go according to plan, and it’s a shame I felt so rubbish for most of it, but that’s what being a Mummy’s all about – giving it a go, staying calm when things go a bit wrong, and taking any opportunity to have a nap.

My Mother’s Day was perfect because I spent it with the family who make me Mummy, and with the Mum who taught me how it’s done.



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