For the past four weeks Ted and I have been going to a group called Baby Peep. We sing songs, tell stories and – best of all! – we have “messy play”.

The first week we played with shredded paper. Most of the babies were in there straight away, eating the paper or rolling in it, while Ted sat at the side picking up single pieces between his finger and thumb.

We were very sad to miss the next week as it involved painting. We’re going to have to paint at home instead.

Last week we played with porridge oats. Again, Ted wasn’t too keen. He watched from the sides and prodded a few oats but mostly just enjoyed playing with a little girl and a ball.

This week, however, Ted discovered bubbles. The babies stripped off so they could dip their toes in the water tray while the bubble machine blew bubbles across to sit on the surface of the water.

Ted sat in it.

And sang.

And squealed and shouted and laughed and splashed.

And splashed.

And splashed.

It’s safe to say Ted loved Peep today. He’s always loved water so add a few babies and a load of bubbles to the mix and we’re on to a winner!

The only problem, after getting Ted dry and dressed, was having to walk home with soggy legs! But the naps he has afterwards makes Peep worth its weight in gold…


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