A moment in time

The lovely @dear_beautiful_ is running a photo link-up called A Moment In Time in which bloggers are sharing important pictures of their tiny lovelies doing special things. I couldn’t resist adding a photo of Ted to the “summer” collection, although there was one problem: choosing just one photo!

At the weekend Ted had his first paddling pool experience and it’s fair to say that he absolutely loved it. We combined water (one of his favourite activities) with bubbles (as previously mentioned!) and the effect was magnificent.


As I said, it was difficult to choose just one photo to link up but I love this one because it combines Ted’s favourite things (bubbles, splashing, sparkly windmills) with some of mine (Ted’s spiky hair, attempts to catch EVERYTHING with his tongue, beautiful milky skin).

As the name of the linky suggests this was a real moment in time. It was a moment of realisation for me, that although I might not have much money or the house of my dreams or the means with which to travel the world what I do have is a happy, simple little life.

If all it takes to make Ted happy is bubbles and water then that’s all it takes to make me happy too.


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4 Responses to A moment in time

  1. I couldn’t agree more with the words you’ve written to accompany your picture. It really is the simple things in life that bring the most joy; like watching your gorgeous little one enjoy a paddling pool for the first time (which was my picture too!)
    Thanks for linking up. Feel free to pop back next week when the theme is ‘Summer’. X

  2. Beautiful pictures, a paddling pool really is one of those favourite childhood toys. Its such a rare treat for them too, I think thats why they love it so much. You little boy is a darling.

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