Baby steps

A month or so ago Ted and I went to the park with my friend, Judith, and her daughter, Eloise.

Ted had only been walking for a few days and hadn’t found the confidence to venture far without holding my hand, except in the house.


Ted has always been wary of grass and wouldn’t even sit on it, let alone touch it with his bare hands. If I try to encourage him to walk on grass he still stands at the edge looking at it as though it might swallow him up.

But on the day this photo was taken – a Wednesday not too long ago – he was so excited by Eloise running around that he took himself off and chased after her, grass and all!

I love this photo because you can see in his face that he’s not only proud of himself but also challenging me to even mention that he wouldn’t have done it before.

Oddly, although he’s been happy to carry on wearing shoes since then (he HATED them before, as he does with anything he can’t see the point of) he still won’t venture onto grass alone.

Perhaps we need Eloise around whenever we try something new. I wonder where she stands on vegetables?

This blog post has been written as an entry into the Tots100 competition in association with Boots Mother and Baby


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2 Responses to Baby steps

  1. mymillsbaby says:

    Awww amazing. They look so funny don’t they?! Dex is far from this stage yet but loves taking steps whilst I hold him.

    • It’s so lovely. Ted never really had an in-between stage – he just went from cruising around the furniture to suddenly walking as though he’d always been doing it. Now he runs too. I feel so proud watching him but it’s much harder to keep up!

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