We heart Nuby

Ted and I are very excited to announce that – thanks to the Ten Things Ted’s Taught Me – we are now working in partnership with one of our very favourite companies as official Nuby UK bloggers.

We’ve loved Nuby since we bought Ted’s trusty Bugaloop when he was a few months old. Not only was it useful in so many ways (we attached it to his play gym with links so he could bat at it and to his buggy so he could chew it without throwing it; putting it in his hands before changing his nappy meant they didn’t wander downwards; his attention could be held for ages if there was something he could hang it off or, better still, spin it around) but also, when we had a small issue with it, the customer service was so good that it made me feel really loyal to Nuby. After that we bought pretty much every other teether they had on the market, but although he has made good use of them all (the Icy Bites were particularly good and I still find myself twiddling absent-mindedly with the Twisty Bugz) it’s still the Bugaloop (or, as it’s known in our house, “Nuby”) that has stood the test of time (and teeth).

Here we are delving excitedly into our box of Nuby treats! Right before I opened the box Ted was in a really bad mood, so I was grateful to Nuby for the level of distraction contained in that box even before I had a chance to fully take in everything they’d sent us!

I was so impressed with the parcel – not least because although we’re avid Nuby fans and have A LOT of their products already, there was nothing there that we already have (apart from nappy bags, and who doesn’t need more of those?)!

Ted seemed to be most excited about the iMonster tableware and I’m really impressed with it too.

In fact, as we were going out to celebrate my new job we decided to take it with us so it’s already been tested out. It not only did the jobs parents expect of tableware – holding food, not spilling drinks – but also the jobs Ted expects – spinning along the table, bouncing off the floor and creating an excellent drum. Thumbs up all around!

 I particularly like the no-spill cup with arms as handles, but Ted also really likes the easy-grip straw cup. I’m sure it should be the toddler going for the aesthetics and the parent looking for the more sensible features, but so long as we’re both happy I’m sure Nuby won’t mind!

I was pleasantly surprised to find that Ted liked the dummies Nuby sent as he’s always been very particular. Although he will sometimes play with (or chew) alternatives he only really has time for his usual brand of dummy. This time he took the dummy, looked at it from all angles, popped it in his mouth and took it out to inspect it again, had a little chew, tried it upside down… and then wandered off with it happily. I really like the carry case too. It has a flexible clip at the top which would make it easy to attach to the handle of a buggy or changing bag, and as it stays separate from the rest of the bag I think it would have been really useful when he was smaller. I’m definitely intending to keep it safe before baby number two comes along!

Our box of treats also contained two toys – a Tickle Toes duck and a Zany Zoos ostrich.

The duck is SO SO soft and I love it, but Ted’s a much bigger fan of the ostrich. It has taggy hair and dangly feet, but his favourite feature is the spinning beak.

Ted only has one complaint, and that is that he doesn’t like the bandana bib. From the moment I fastened it onto his neck he pulled at it to get it back off again. I think the idea of staying clean offended him somehow – why would we let him have lots of nice new tableware if we weren’t prepared to let him use it to tip his dinner down his front?

Overall we were both very impressed with our parcel and very excited to be given the opportunity to work with Nuby. Secretly we’re hoping to find out about special Nuby products before anyone else, but in reality we’ll be happy just trying out the range of teethers and cups. I’d like to say a really big thank you to Nuby, and I hope you’ll enjoy my reviews over the next year.

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I was sent the items described above for the purposes of this review. And because I wrote a cracking entry for a competition and the items were the prize. Either way, the views expressed are my own and – as you would expect of Stitches & Stretchmarks – very honest.


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10 Responses to We heart Nuby

  1. Helen Martin says:

    Well done you! What a fab box of stuff……..love the monster plate and cup! 😀

  2. Charlie says:

    Hi! How kind of you to link me up! ISn’t it great! Loving your blog 😀 Happy Thursday!

    • No problem – partly it’s to help me keep track of where everyone is but I also think it’s nice to share when you find good blogs.
      It’s exciting being a Nuby blogger, isn’t it? And especially because it came from a competition so you know someone out there likes your writing!

  3. romansmum says:

    The monster range is fantastic! Roman loves the monster snack pot he got sent 🙂 and I’m a big fan of how sturdy it all is :D. Congratulations and looking forward to seeing more posts :).

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