Boogie Baby

Ted has only really paid attention to music in the past couple of months. We never really had any of those bum-shuffling hand-clapping dances that most babies entertain their parents with. Even now all we really get is almost-rhythmic knee-bending, except when the Tweenies start dancing and then we get joyful clapping and walking in circles.

Where Ted has differed, though, is with singing. There are still very few songs that make him bend his knees (Situations by New Found Glory) or shake his head (All My Life by Foo Fighters) but he will sing to anything. ANYTHING.

Obviously by singing I mean making noises, but there is music in that madness. He might not have words yet but that boy has soul! Okay, I may be exaggerating. At the very least he has the ability to make his Mummy’s heart melt and that’s what singing’s all about anyway: getting around your Mum.

When we were asked to review a Pop Party CD for Rock and Roll Baby World I assumed it would be some sort of nursery rhymes compilation, so when Pop Party 10 dropped through my letterbox I was a little surprised. But Ted surprises me daily so I thought we’d give it a go.

Pop Party 10 is a compilation disc including a DVD of music videos. While I’m sure it’s marketed more at tween girls than one year old boys I can’t say we were disappointed by it. After all, who doesn’t have room in their heart for a little bubblegum pop?

With artists from One Direction to Rihanna and Will.I.Am there’s quite a variety of pop and, as much as I’d like to be a “cool” Mum, I’m happy to admit to a weakness for The Saturdays.

Putting a CD on tends to result in Ted having a little look at the hifi, smiling or frowning depending on his mood, and toddling back to his Mega Blocks. Pop Party 10 was nothing out of the ordinary there.

But as I’ve admitted I secretly (or not so secretly anymore) LOVE a bit of cheesy pop, so I scooped that boy up, took his hand like we were about to tango and twirled him around the room. I sang (badly) and Ted sang (adorably) and we spun around in circles together. He giggled uncontrollably when I put him down and he couldn’t find his balance.

Maybe Ted’s too young for Pop Party 10 but I’m not, and getting me up and dancing with my boy can only be a good thing. It’s made me realise that sometimes I just have to let go a bit, make the most of the moment and not wait for things that are specifically “for” children.

Ted doesn’t care if he’s listening to Pop Party 10, he just cares that he’s having fun with his Mum. And as Fun. will never fail to get me up and dancing we’re on to a winner.


* Pop Party 10 was sent to us by Rock and Roll Baby World for the purposes of this review. As ever the opinions expressed are my own and will always be honest.

* You can follow Rock and Roll Baby World on Twitter: @rockbabyworld


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