When I wrote about me and Ted receiving our parcel from Nuby I commented that Ted hadn’t liked the bandana bib. He tried to pull it off as soon as I’d fastened it and as we were on our way out I took it off and didn’t think about it again.

Part of the reason I hadn’t tried it again was probably that I just don’t like bandana-style bibs. There’s something a bit strange about grown-up fashions on babies and it’s something I avoid with Ted. He doesn’t even have any jeans.

Today, though, we were getting ready to go to my niece’s birthday party and Ted was dribbling like a leaking tap. His pyjamas already had the telltale dark triangle down the front and we didn’t want him to get sore (or look bad!) while we were out.

It was BabyDaddy who tried the bandana bib again today and I have to admit that it’s actually very good. I don’t know what’s different about it compared to other bibs but it didn’t soak through to his clothes in the whole five hours we were out.

We only got the striped one (they come in a pack of two when you buy them) so we’re going to have to get some more (or hand wash it every day – ha!) but I prefer the starry one anyway so perhaps it’ll make me like them more.

I’m still not keen on the way bandana bibs look but I’m just so glad that he’s had one less thing upsetting him today. His teeth are giving him so much trouble, he’s got dreadful nappy rash and he’s never dribbled this much before, but at least he’s not wet and sore.

It looks like you win again, Nuby!


* As an official Nuby blogger I received the bandana bib for the purposes of spreading the Nuby-love. I was spreading the Nuby-love long before I was an official blogger and you can be sure I’ll only spread it when I mean it. That could be my motto. I’m sure it would catch on.


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2 Responses to Dribble

  1. Tamsin says:

    The bandana bib is the perfect colour match for Ted’s tshirt! Pleased to hear it stood up to the test 🙂

    • It’s now the only bib he doesn’t try to take off, too. I don’t know what it is that makes it so much more absorbent but it really is very good. And the colour coordination is great!

      Since I wrote this a friend has bought some and she loves them, and a few people tweeted to say that they’d tried them after seeing my post and thought they were great.

      It seems I’m the only one who’s funny about the bandana style too! It takes all sorts, I guess…

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