Today at 8am there was a knock at the door. As our postman doesn’t even get out of bed before lunchtime I had a sudden rush of Adrenalin and considered not answering the door. If you don’t hear the bad news it hasn’t happened, right?

Luckily BabyDaddy didn’t have such a ridiculous reaction. He just got up and answered the door. I think that’s what most people would have done, and they would have been right to – they would have discovered a parcel delivery guy with a big bundle of Nuby bath toys to review.

IphoneMidDec12 103

I briefly considered waiting to open the parcel until later in the day as we were in the process of getting Ted ready for nursery and BabyDaddy ready for work. Of course, I considered that idea for as long as I considered the possibility that there was a mad axe-man knocking at the front door. Maybe not quite that long, actually.

Ted and I delved in and discovered LOADS of bath toys! I was so excited. Ted remained true to his usual self and took each item out and threw it behind him over his head – except for the Insulated Cool Sipper which he instantly tried to drink from.

IphoneMidDec12 091


There was a time when Ted just wouldn’t drink anything at all (to the point that his nursery worker had a quiet word with me about whether we tried to encourage him to drink at home) but now he drinks like a fish. Do fish drink? Well, Ted drinks a lot.

I wasn’t sure about this cup as it doesn’t have handles and the spout is so different from his other cups, but when I came home from work and Ted woke up from his nap he picked it up and put it to his mouth in the correct way. We filled it for him and helped him tip it up enough, then he was off – he drank the whole lot! Not having handles is actually quite useful for us parents, too – he has a terrible habit of spinning them around with his finger hooked into the handle, then we all get sprayed. This one did get thrown a little but it didn’t leak at all. This is a very impressed Mummy!

IphoneMidDec12 139


I was so SO excited about the bath toys. As soon as I saw that Nuby had launched a new range of bath toys I kept my fingers crossed for reviewing rights. Ted LOVES his baths and these toys look absolutely fantastic.

IphoneMidDec12 107


It would be an exaggeration to say I’d been looking forward to bath-time all day but it can’t have been far off. Of course, once it got to bath-time Ted decided he didn’t want a bath. Not only did he cry when he was lifted in but he actually got his foot over the edge when he tried to climb out. We’d taken out all of his other toys so we could explore the Nuby ones but unfortunately we’d forgotten about one plastic cup sitting on the edge of the bath. Ted spotted that, played with it and ignored everything else. For the whole two minutes he was in the bath.

So, Ted hasn’t explored the bath toys yet but that’s okay because it means I can look forward to bath-time again tomorrow! And as it’s Saturday we can have a long leisurely bath with lots of splashing. I really love the octopus floating bath toy but I suspect Ted will like him more out of the bath than in it.

IphoneMidDec12 113


I had a feeling that Ted would like the tub time turtle because he has lots of holes for sprinkling water, but I didn’t expect that he would like playing peek-a-boo with him before we got anywhere near the bath.

IphoneMidDec12 145


Tonight has seen some horrendous news from Connecticut and I’ve felt sick to my stomach. I considered writing a post about it but I felt as though it would be in bad taste. I did question whether I should write such a light-hearted post on such a terrible day, but when I saw the news what it made me think was that I need to grab absolutely every moment with Ted – whether we’re playing in the bath or snuggling with a book. Every second with my son is precious, and I’m just so so sorry that there are parents out there who will never be able to share any more moments with their children.


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