The big splash!

After our first attempt at a Nuby-filled bath-time failed last Friday we have subsequently had two very wet laughter-filled experiences.


Ted has always loved bath-time (last Friday aside) and so I was very excited about these toys. Bath-time is usually reserved for Daddy but I barged in and took over in order to introduce Nuby’s latest treats.


The fishing net hasn’t made a big impression as a net just yet, but as something to slap onto the water to create HUGE splashes to drench Mummy with it’s a big hit. I love the little creatures you’re supposed to scoop up and the fact that they all link together, but all Ted’s interested in them for so far is chewing – which is pretty much what everything is for now his front side teeth are coming through, my poor boy.


The octopus that I REALLY love has gone down a treat. Out of water it’s great for its designed purpose of gathering hoops on its legs, and in water it’s brilliant for SLAMMING AROUND REALLY QUICKLY AND SOAKING EVERYONE WITHIN A FIVE MILE RADIUS OF THE BATH! The squeals of delight that should be accompanying this photo are still ringing through my ears. Ted loves this octopus.


My prediction that he would love the turtle was correct. Ted still tries to catch water as it trickles out above him so the turtle was great for that. He also really liked spinning him around as he floated and trying to balance other toys on him – some times less successfully than others!


So far the squid hasn’t really seen much action, but I don’t think Ted really has the patience for much coordination once it gets to bath-time. I think he’ll love him in the garden in summer, and probably in the bath in a few months, but for now he’s been overlooked in favour of the things he’s allowed to throw. As the squid is hard plastic compared to the soft rubbery plastic of the octopus I haven’t dared let him throw it around!


The best thing about Ted having new bath toys was taking the time out to go and play with him. Bath-time is usually the time when Daddy gets splashed while Ted burns off any excess energy before bed and I collapse with a cup of tea after the long cold walk up a hill in the dark after work. It was nice to remember that he can still have fun with me too, and perhaps I needed the reminder that I can still collapse after he’s gone to bed.

I’m really lucky that I get things sent to me to review and, as with a CD I was sent recently, I think the best part is taking time out to concentrate solely on Ted. I don’t think we Mums give ourselves a lot of time for that very often as there’s always something that needs doing and it’s usually lurking somewhere we can see it out of the corner of our eyes.


I love my little guy and he loves bath-time. Maybe it’s time for me to love bath-time again too.


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