Competition Time!

As those of you who follow my Facebook page will already know, those lovely people at Nuby have provided me with a bundle of goodies worth almost £60 to give away to my lucky readers!


If you’re pregnant or have a newborn then this one’s definitely for you! So, what’s in store for the lucky winners?

We have a pack of newborn feeding bottles with teats designed to be as close to nipple-like as possible to allow for combination feeding or an easier transition from breast to bottle. These retail at £9.99 which is already a 3-for-2 offer, so a really good price even if you don’t win them.


There’s a mini microwave travel steriliser worth £9.99 which fits two Nuby bottles and sterilises in only five minutes! Believe me, five minutes is fantastic – it used to feel like FOREVER waiting for Ted’s electric steriliser when he was screaming.


If you think back to my What To Expect To Spend post you’ll remember that I mentioned breast pumps. Well, if you’re undecided this is a great way for you to try one! Nuby have sent one of their Natural Touch Comfort manual breast pumps worth £25.99 for one lucky reader to try!


There’s a pack of two Chic orthodontic soothers (in blue, as pictured) which are designed to let air flow in order to reduce the chance of babies developing a rash. These retail at £3.99 and come with a case.


If you’d like to try a completely natural nappy cream then Dr Talbot’s is ideal. It moisturises, protects against 99.99% of all known germs and provides a moisture barrier to allow skin to heal. At £2.99 it’s an absolute bargain anyway but if you’d like to get your hands on it for free make sure you enter!


And finally, the one I had to break Ted’s heart over as he tried in vain to get to it, the Ding a Ling pram toy worth £4.49 (giraffe, as pictured). This has a lovely chiming sound and also doubles as a teether, which is rare for something suitable right from birth.


So, the question on everybody’s lips: what do I have to do to win?

Well, first you need to comment on this post with the item you’d most like to win, then you need to go and “like” the Facebook page (so make sure you put your name here as the one linked to your Facebook account so I know it’s you).

That gets you one entry, easy peasy.

If you’d like to be entered multiple times you can have one bonus entry for each of the following: you can follow the blog (there’s a link at the top right of the page); “share” the link from my page on Facebook with your friends; tweet the link to this page (including @stitchnstretch); or post a link to this page on your blog.

Obviously each time you do one of the other options you’ll need to let me know (in the comments here) which you’ve completed and which prize you’d like the entry to be toward. All for the steriliser? One for the bottles and two for the breast pump?

And don’t forget, getting your friends and family to come and have a go increases your chances of winning too – so long as you trust them to pass the prizes on!

Now for the boring bits:
Winners will be chosen at random after 6pm on Sunday 27th January and will be notified by email (so make sure you put the right one on your entry!) – they will have until the following Wednesday at 6pm to respond to the email before another winner is chosen.
This competition is being run by Stitches & Stretchmarks and not by Nuby. The prizes have been donated by Nuby and their consent has been given, but they are not responsible for the competition. Similarly, neither Nuby nor Stitches & Stretchmarks will be held responsible for any items that go missing in the post. Product descriptions are by Stitches & Stretchmarks and should be verified with Nuby.
Photo quality is poor because I’ve taken pictures on my phone to help you see that the items are real and the competition is too. Also, I made the footstool they’re sitting on and think you might like to see it.
Any questions about the competition should be sent to Stitches & Stretchmarks but Nuby will be happy to answer queries about specific items.
There will only be one additional entry per person for sharing on Facebook or Twitter, and not per each share or tweet.
Stitches & Stretchmarks will announce the winners’ names once they have been contacted and would really LOVE to be sent photos and/or reviews once the prizes have arrived.
Prizes will only be sent to UK addresses.
Stitches & Stretchmarks reserves the right to change the terms & conditions.

Now please have a little look around and leave me a couple of comments on your favourite posts.

Good luck!


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Honest and frank Mum of one.
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104 Responses to Competition Time!

  1. joanthan wood says:

    Ding a Ling pram toy 🙂

  2. hannah staveley says:

    Chic orthodontic soothers

  3. Sarah Pearce says:

    Hi there, I have liked your Facebook page and shared the link on Facebook too! I would love the travel streiliser, bottles and giraffe! x

  4. Louise Bailey says:

    Ding a Ling Pram Toy

  5. Dawn adams says:

    Ding a ling pram toy

  6. Dawn adams says:

    I shared t link 2 t competition on Facebook so can i b entered 4 t soothers as well. Im hoping that’s how it works but i hv baby brain n my little girl is teething so hv been awake half t nite 😦 x

  7. I’d like to win the Nuby bottles to set me up for baby no 2 xx

  8. I’ve liked and shared both the bottle post, and you main comp post on FB as Gemma Chamberlain x

  9. I’m following on Twitter and have tweeted about the competition as @MyMillsBaby x

  10. Nikita Harrison says:

    Natural Touch Comfort manual breast pump 🙂

  11. For me the Ding a ling toy 🙂 x

  12. Rozaa says:

    The Ding a Ling pram toy please

  13. Malgorzata Pa-Go says:

    the Ding a Ling pram toy

  14. natalie anderson says:

    love the bottles please

  15. GIEDRE says:

    Natural comfort manual breast pumpo and soothers

  16. Claire Jones says:

    Id love the ding a ling Pram toy my little girl be really unwell in hospital be nice to cheer her up with he need toy she been so brave 🙂 xx

  17. i would love the mini sterliser x

  18. donna brown says:

    mini microwave steriliser

  19. Kerry Jenkins says:

    I would like to win the ding a ling pram toy x x

  20. Sarah j Pownall says:

    Soothers 🙂

  21. Lyndsey Lancee says:

    I really really love the bottles!! I have a 11 month old and am 18 month pregnant so would love some new bottles for the new baby

  22. Chloe Joy-Kimber says:

    Natural Touch Comfort manual breast pump!

  23. louise says:

    Blue chic orthodontic soothers!!

  24. louise victoria graves says:

    Blue chic orthodontic soothers!

  25. cheri simons says:

    Newborn feeding bottles

  26. Amy Stokes says:

    Ding a Ling Pram Toy 🙂

  27. I have a lot of nuby products already as i find they aren’t too expensive and my son loves the bright colours they use on their products which are fun and not boring! I already have the sterilliser but i love the soothers and giraffe toy and the bottles are great too!

  28. Sami Slasor says:

    Id love the newborn feeding bottles =] Will have a newborn and a 12 month old in a couple of months, so itll really come in handy!

  29. deescale says:

    Hi, great competition!!! I would love to win the steriliser as my nieceis going on her first holiday with our her baby soon!,unfortunately she lost her mom last year so it would really cheer her up! (or the giraffe pram toy please!) I have liked, and shared on facebook, twitter and blogged and followed for you!! My name on facebook is donna n anthony scale jennings and on twitter is deescale ! Thanks xxx 🙂

    • Thanks for your comment and for following & sharing and everything else! It sounds like she’s had a rough time lately so I hope the good luck fairies are out for her! Don’t forget to get your friends and family to enter & raise your chances! Good luck 🙂

    • deescale says:

      Thank you! She sure has had a rough time. nanny, god rest her soul, didn’t get to meet the little one 😥 they had been trying for nearly 5 years, so her little boy is a blessing from above! 🙂 x

  30. kayleigh gorbutt says:

    Kayleigh Gorbutt

    Heyy !,I have 5 week till my due date =)
    I would love the newborn feeding bottles

  31. Zoe Bradley says:

    newborn feeding bottles, baby number 3 due soon 🙂

  32. leona avery says:

    I would love to win the manual breast pump

  33. Katrina Bigmac Treen X says:

    Would looove the ding-a-ling pram toy 🙂

  34. sophie white says:

    my siater is expecting any day and any of this would be great 🙂

  35. sophie white says:

    ding aling aling pram toy for my baby niece she deserves it lol she spent 4month in hospital fighting for her life she would love this

  36. Sarah tinker says:

    Hi I love the ding a ling toy! i have liked your Facebook page and shared the link on Facebook too! x

  37. Sarah says:

    I think my little one would really love the pram toy Giraffe! And Giraffes are Mummy’s favourite! Although anything would be gratefully received x

  38. Ally Harrison says:

    ding a ling pram toy

  39. Natural Touch Comfort manual breast pump

  40. Muryem Uppal says:

    I would like the ding a ling pram toy but i don’t mind any of the items as they are all fabulous!

  41. Dalia Mobarak says:

    Ding a ling pram toy please xx

  42. Jane Smith says:


  43. Marie says:

    nubby bottles 🙂

  44. Ding a ling pram toy please

  45. Samantha Walsh says:

    Travel Steriliser Please

  46. Sarah peart says:

    Pram toy

  47. Lorna pate says:

    I dint have an email x plus ding a ling toy

  48. Lindsey Alexander says:

    I’d be happy to win any of these prizes as they are all Fab! The mini steriliser or the ding a long pram toy please. Have liked and shared on fb and followed too.x. Lindsey Alexander

  49. Tammy Stevenson says:

    I would like to enter for breast pump and have liled the facebook page

  50. katie walters says:

    the breastpump

  51. Nuby Bottles please


  52. shakira Fernandez says:

    Mini microwave travel steriliser would be great- that would of came in handy when I locked us out this morning, had to spend the day at me mums and sterilised daughters bottles with steaming hot water :-\

  53. Julie dunstone says:

    Natural touch comfort manual breast pump

  54. Emma Andrews says:

    I would Love the mini sterilizer. I am pregnant with my second. I was due on the 11th Jan but i am still waiting for her. Lol!!

  55. Olivera Markovic Marshall says:

    Natural Touch Comfort manual breast pump please. It really would be great for my husband to be able to feed our little boy and bond with him as I do. I liked and shared on fb and followed too.

    • Would you like to be entered for the bottles too as you’ve done a few?
      I hope sharing the feeds works out for you. For me it made a massive difference to my sleep, Ted’s happiness and my relationship with my husband. We were all so much calmer!

      • Olivera Markovic Marshall says:

        Oh, yes please. And some sleep too please :). You are right about sharing feeds. I am sure more rested mummy will be happier mummy 🙂

  56. sharon banks says:

    Ding a ling pram toy please

  57. sharon banks says:

    liked and shared and commented on facebook thanks

  58. Mcd Jess says:

    Hi, what a great competitions. I have liked and shared your facebook page. Would love to win Dr Talbot’s nappy cream please, my little boy has recently had a quite bad rash due to teething. Have tried some branded nappy cream, still no joy. x

  59. anna says:

    Ding a Lings Pram Toy

  60. tina rowlands says:

    As i am due to have a baby in May this year i would say that its all my favourite stuff but i would probably have to say the Nuby Soothers which will allow me to get some peace once baby arrives hopefully!!

  61. Chic orthodontic soothers

  62. Ricki tyner says:

    mini microwave travel stereliser would be amazing as im out all the time and some places i go does not have a stereliser which can be a pain and my stereliser is huse and broken at the bottom xx

  63. Ricki tyner says:

    The ding a ling toy, the nappy cream, and the bottles would be good but steriliser would be amazing if anything ino its a competition but if i dont win i wont be to upset about it lol i will have buy one but i dont no were from ? xx

  64. Paula Lamb says:

    I would love to win the ding a ling pram toy as look fab for my 4 week old baby girl.

  65. zehra mehdi says:

    Natural Touch Comfort manual breast pump

  66. Chic orthodontic soothers 🙂

  67. gulezehra says:

    wow this is great, would love to win the bottles or travel steriliser as it has bottle in it. 🙂
    fingers crossed..

  68. Zehra Saiyed says:

    liked n shared too.. for 1

  69. ayat khateeb says:

    newborn feeding bottles,plllllllllz

  70. abi halford says:

    Would love to win the soothers. X

  71. Nicole Lord says:

    This is a great Idea I have a wish list on your website and about to spend £110 Nuby stuff is awesome :O)))))
    I would love to win the breast pump please xx

  72. nikkistardustbengals says:

    Bonus Item I would love to win the mini steriliser please xx

  73. ayat khateeb says:

    liked and shared so i have one more wish product which is the mini microwave travel steriliser

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