Mothers Day 2


Yesterday was my second Mother’s Day. Ted & I recreated a photo from my first Mother’s Day and I just can’t get over how much he’s changed in a year.

This time last year he was rolling around but hadn’t started crawling yet. He was always cheerful and loved nothing more than listening to Scout’s songs.

Now he’s walking, running and climbing. He’s beautiful and brave yet grumpy and shy. He has tantrums and mood swings. He’ll scream if he doesn’t get his own way but he’ll come for cuddles when he’s sorry.

He’s like a proper little boy now; a miniature person with thoughts and feelings and wants. So many wants!

He loves nursery and The Lion King and bananas. He has shoes with light-up heels that, for some reason, he keeps trying to put in his mouth. He likes colouring and painting and making a mess. At bath time he sings and splashes and pours cups of water over his face as he tries to drink too much. He won’t go to sleep without Freddie. He loves books and bricks and making towers. He loves knocking them back down. He loves rolling cars backwards between his legs and trying to stand on his head. He laughs if you tip him upside down and cries if you tell him “no”.

He makes me happy every single day, but on Mother’s Day he also made me cards.


Ted painting his Nanna a picture


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