For a few days now we’ve all been poorly and feeling sorry for ourselves, but whereas BabyDaddy and I can self-medicate (with chocolate in my case) Ted has no choice but to whinge. And whinge. And whinge.

He’s been horrible.

But one thing that’s sure to chill out even the most miserable of toddlers is water-play. Enter Nuby.

This month, alongside a couple more prizes (stay tuned!), they sent us some bath letters. Now, these are really for age 3+ and I guess this is because they’re foam so if they get chewed they could be a choking hazard, but we promise that Ted will never be left alone with them.


He will, however, be allowed them whenever he’s grumpy and needs to splash the big sulk away. Look at that face!

Not only do the letters stick to the bath, the tiles and the shower screen but also, Ted was ecstatic to discover, to BabyDaddy’s face!

We have a lot of bath toys – lots of them by Nuby – but I think these are some of my favourites (although the floating octopus remains number one for me and Ted likes a plastic fork!)



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2 Responses to Alphabath

  1. Alison says:

    Hahahaha I love his face in the last one!

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