I’m a beautiful mama!

I’ve been nominated for an award!


I’ve never been nominated for an award before so I’m very very happy (and my massive failure in posting this in a timely fashion is no reflection of how I feel, I swear!)

I was nominated by LongLiveGo and she deserved for me to recognise it ages ago so I am very very sorry! Her recent entry about working is particularly worthy of a read so do go by and say hello. (Not help, as my autocorrect just decided you should say!)

So, for those of you I’ve nominated here are the rules:

In order to accept the nomination, three things are required:

1. Save and use the above image in your acceptance post.

2. List three things that you love about motherhood.

3. Nominate other deserving moms and let them know!

Three things I love about motherhood

1) Smiling. The power my little guy has to make me smile when I’m at my very lowest. There are times when I’d like to chuck him in the bin and there have been lots of bad times when I’ve wondered how I’d manage to keep being a Mum while I got through it, but one little smile has the power to make everything different. When my hormones have been going crazy taking him to the park and watching him grin as he climbs over pieces of equipment designed for much older children has saved my sanity. When I lost someone I loved I took him to a soft play centre and chased him around. He’s my rock and my Prozac.

2) Playing. Taking time out to splash in puddles, crawl under tables or sit in boxes with my little guy is what it’s all about.

3) Teaching. Ted doesn’t know anything until he finds it and I’m so proud to be one of the main ways he’s going to do just that. He’s going to find the answers to so many questions, and I hope he keeps finding more questions than I’ll ever be able to answer. I hope he never stops asking them.

And I pass on this award to MyLittleBitOfNothing, MyMillsBaby and MotherhoodJourneys.


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