Monster munch!

I’ve already mentioned Nuby‘s iMonster range in a previous post but now that Ted’s feeding himself more independently I feel the need to rave about the bowl a bit more.


The bowl’s designed for ease of use by parents when weaning their babies and it is good for that – the eye is perfect to hold while you spoon food into the baby’s mouth and dodge whatever they throw back – but the shape is also perfect for him to knock food on to his spoon.

Actually, the spoon is a great shape too. We’ve tried loads but we do always go back to the iMonster one. It’s got a chunky handle that’s easy for him to grip and the bowl of the spoon is small enough to fit comfortably in his mouth while being narrow and deep enough to stop food slipping off when he holds it at the wrong angle.

Of course, you don’t always need a spoon.


The cup in those photos is from Sainsbury’s and is the best non-spill cup we’ve tried. I can’t find it on the website to link to but we bought it in-store. I loved it so much I bought another one AND the handle-free version.


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