Guest Post: Stacey’s birth story

Here is the second guest post in my series of birth stories. Stacey’s overdue son, Jack, was born by emergency c-section.

Stacey Ann Hutchinson and family

Stacey Ann Hutchins and family

I was due to have my son on the 16th of August 2011 but when I was 18 days overdue I went to hospital to have my labour started. I was induced twice which was really scary, and although I let the midwives carry on I just cried and thought “will my boy ever come?”

I had been in slow labour for four days when the doctor decided to give me a membrane sweep, which was just so painful. I had one bad experience with a midwife but I was really lucky that all the rest of them were amazing, and my Mom and husband supported me so well. The doctor who did the sweep was also fantastic and really reassured me, telling me that my son would be in my arms before long.

When he had to break my waters the doctor gave me gas and air and made me feel really safe and calm. Afterwards he asked if I wanted an epidural to help me cope and, although it took four attempts and was really painful, the two doctors who gave it to me were lovely. They kept telling me how well I was doing and helped me to relax. Afterwards I got really sleepy and the midwives told me to get some rest. My husband kept pressing the epidural button for me while I slept, but then the next thing I knew a lot of doctors appeared as my son’s heartbeat disappeared.

I remember not really knowing what was going on, but being a bit scared that so many doctors had rushed in, then being handed a form to sign to say that I was going for an emergency caesarean. I knew I was in safe hands but I was scared because I had been expecting to have a natural birth. I tried to make jokes in order to cope, asking the doctors to give me a quick nip and tuck while they were delivering the baby!

My husband was with me the whole time and I remember feeling really safe, but I was also desperately worried as I couldn’t hear my baby. When, out of nowhere, he suddenly cried I was the happiest I had ever been – right up until the point when they brought him to me, when I knew I had never been happier.

Unfortunately that wasn’t the end of the bad luck for me as I started bleeding heavily after I had been sewn up, and it was down to an amazing doctor that they managed to save me. When they’d managed to stop the bleeding I felt so grateful to be there with my son.

Now, when I think about everything I went through and everything I’ve been told happened that I don’t remember, I’m just so amazed that so many people supported me so well. It was a shock and it took me a while to get over it. I’m just so grateful to the many midwives, doctors and nurses who saved me and my son, and to my Mom and husband for helping me through the birth and my experience of being a new mother.

On the 3rd of September 2011 my son Jack made his entrance, and although it might not have been the easiest delivery I just feel so blessed to have him.

Stacey and Jack

Stacey and Jack

by Stacey Ann Hutchins, Mummy of Jack.

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3 Responses to Guest Post: Stacey’s birth story

  1. Rachel says:

    Thanks for sharing your story, I’m so pleased that you all ended up healthy! I was wondering if you ever found out why your son’s heart rate dropped? A very similar thing happened with my daughter and nobody can tell me why.

  2. thank u so much for sharing my story thank u so much xxx

  3. moonmamabunnyhutchins says:

    hi ya well it because my son was in fetal drestress i didnt know till the paperwork it did scary would why it was happen thank u so much for your lovely comment but i dont know why too his heart dropped it just i think he was stressing out not 100% sure thank u so much i feel so blessed to have him xxx

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