Guest Post: Sonia’s birth stories

Sonia Foxon has shared the dramatic stories of her three daughters’ births, culminating in her own delivery of her daughter in the front of a car!

All three of my daughters were born in dramatic circumstances, but my youngest gave me the biggest surprise of my life!

Shannon Marie Squirrell born 24.11.98

I gave birth to Shannon at the age of eighteen. When my waters broke I wasn’t really sure whether that was actually what had happened, and as I wasn’t due for another five weeks my partner told me I was being silly when I said I thought the baby was coming. The pains kept coming so we walked to the phone box to ask his Mum for advice, but by the time she came over to see us I was screaming the flat down! His Mum called the hospital and they sent an ambulance, but I was convinced I was going to have her at home. Luckily we made it to the hospital, where they told me I was 10cm dilated and that I should start pushing. My waters had broken at 1.10am and at 3.32am Shannon was born with no pain relief and no fuss. Unfortunately my placenta wasn’t in the same hurry to arrive so I was given an epidural while they removed it. Shannon weight 5lb14oz which was a really good weight for how early she was, and after five days in hospital I took my little girl home.

Jessica Ferrari Squirrell 03.07.07

As with the birth of Shannon, my second daughter Jessica arrived in a hurry! My waters broke at 8pm and I busied myself making a cup of tea while my mother-in-law came to pick up Shannon. I still wasn’t having any contractions by the time I got to the hospital at 9pm so they set me up in a room and told me to try to get some sleep. I had only dilated 3cm so I was given a button to press if I needed anything and got myself into my pyjamas. A couple of minutes after I had got into bed I had to press the button as I was sure the baby was coming. I had already dilated to 7cm in that time so I started the gas & air and forty-seven minutes later Jessy was born, two and a half weeks early, weighing 5lbs2oz.

Kayley Rose Squirrell 10.08.2012

Unlike my other two daughters, Kayley managed to hang on until only one day before her due date. Unfortunately I had separated from my partner during the pregnancy and when I woke up at 4.45am I tried not to panic while I called to tell him the baby was coming. Luckily Shannon was staying with him so I only had Jessy to think about. I then called my friend, who was going to drive me the twenty minutes to hospital, and my Mum. Really soon my contractions were getting so strong I thought the baby was going to be born there and then. My friend Jo arrived, woke Jessy up and put her in the car, and then practically had to carry me out. We dropped Jessy off at another friend’s and then headed to the hospital, but on the way – whilst I was facing the back of the car, kneeling in the front seat – the baby’s head emerged. I knew she was going to come out and that I had to catch her, so as I gave birth I managed to twist around and grab her. My friend pulled over as I had the baby in my arms, called the hospital and they sent an ambulance for us. When the ambulance arrived I still had the placenta inside me and the baby was attached to the cord, so the paramedic helped me on to the bed and we headed for the hospital, where we arrived at the same time as my ex partner and my daughter. Once again, my placenta got stuck and had to be removed. I was rushed to theatre as they couldn’t stop me bleeding, but afterwards I was really just in shock at the thought that I had delivered my own baby. I also felt ridiculously guilty because her Dad hadn’t been there for her birth as he had with her sisters. Kayley was born at 5.53am, just over an hour after I had woken up.

Sonia's girls

Sonia’s girls

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