Guest Post: Emily’s birth story

Continuing the series of birth stories, Emily has entitled hers ‘After a 48 Hour Labour, I Gave Birth on the Floor’!

I started labour at 8pm on Tuesday 20th December 2011 and got sent home twice from hospital before going into ‘established labour’ around 9am on Thursday 22nd December.


I was admitted to the wonderful midwife-led birthing centre, where I started on the gas and air with my husband Colin and sister Kelly nearby. I had a bath and didn’t want to get out so the midwife asked if I’d like to go into the birthing pool as it was available. I got into the pool but didn’t make much progress – by 5pm I’d only dilated 1cm (to 5cm) – so I had my waters broken.

I was struggling with the pain so I had pethidine, and then I dilated quickly and by 7pm I was ready to start pushing. Unfortunately things didn’t progress much further so the midwives were considering a forceps delivery by 8.30pm and wanted to put a catheter in. They suggested that I go for a wee while they prepared it, but when I was sitting on the loo I asked if I could keep pushing and when they said yes I pushed out my baby’s head!

I shouted ‘he’s coming’, my husband checked and shouted ‘he’s coming, and the midwife came in to check and shouted ‘he’s coming’! I was then dragged off the toilet on to the floor. I tore badly and had to be cut twice too before the baby came out, bright red and screaming.

Afterwards I had a spinal to fix my third degree tear and I’ve been told that any future births will have to be by caesarean, but my beautiful son Maxwell James, who was born at 8.52pm and weighed 8lb 9oz, may have given us a shock but was absolutely perfect.


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  1. Blimey! Well done, Emily! ❤

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