Barefoot Books

I’ve often pondered the root of my obsession with books. Was it thanks to the day I was off school poorly and Mum let me read my way through my brother’s Ladybird collection on the condition that I didn’t tell him? (Sorry, Chris.) Was it because even if I couldn’t have a toy I would rarely be denied a book? More likely it was because I was good at reading and I liked being superior.

Whatever the reason, it’s always been important to me that Ted’s surrounded by books. Believe me, he’s got more books than he could ever need. EVER. I don’t even know if I’ve read them all, let alone my toddler!

That’s one of the reasons Barefoot Books appealed to me. In case you haven’t heard of them, Barefoot Books are one of those companies I’m supposed to call ethically responsible or something, but I like them too much to make them sound that naff. They care about the ink they use to print on the paper they’ve sourced responsibly. They care about working conditions and fair pay. They care about making all of these issues accessible for children by weaving them seamlessly into the tales on those pages. And they give back, too.

When @little_scribble contacted me about writing a review I was pretty excited – particularly as she didn’t just ask me to review a book but to have a look at the website and choose what I wanted. I haven’t written about Barefoot Books before now because I’ve been waiting to get some good photos of Ted to go with my reviews, but unfortunately my pox-ridden boy is making that difficult! The reviews will follow, but in the meantime please do have a little look at the website. It’s genuinely lovely.



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