Parents’ evening

Tonight was Ted’s first parents’ evening. BabyDaddy & I went along to his nursery while he stayed with Nanna, and we saw photos of him playing and spoke to his key worker.

Throughout the year they keep a folder called a learning journey so we see bits and pieces, but hearing from the staff who work with him was just lovely.


I was worried, as my twitter followers will know, that they would just upset me by asking why he’s not talking yet as one of the workers has done a few times before. Today I found out that she’s a SENCO so I think she might just have been hyper-aware of developmental delays and worrying about Ted in a way that I’m just not. As far as I’m concerned his development is perfect – he just can’t be bothered to talk yet.


It was lovely to go outside and see the toddler play area. I know Ted loves to spend as much time as possible out there – he’s the same at home – so hearing what he does when he’s out there made me really happy. I loved hearing that he’s the same there as he is at home (even down to the fact that he just won’t join in with tidying!)


The only thing I didn’t like was the photo of him they’ve used on his peg, the birthday wall etc. It’s bloody awful. My most beautiful boy looks deformed!

But, as hard as it was at the time (and still is sometimes now too), I’m glad I decided to put him in nursery and I’m so glad I chose the one I did. It’s the right place for him.

It’s right for all of us.


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