This week my little family of three went on our first holiday. It will probably be the only one we go on as a threesome as I already feel too pregnant to do that much walking again, but I’m so glad I had the opportunity to spend that time with Ted before everything changes.

We're all going on a summer holiday!

We’re all going on a summer holiday!

We didn’t think we would be able to manage a holiday this year so our few days in Skegness was such a treat. It might not be everyone’s dream holiday but it was great for us. Ted’s still young enough that it didn’t cost us a fortune in arcades and fair rides, but we still got to eat chips and ice cream and more chips.



And more ice cream.



On Bank Holiday Monday the weather was absolutely fantastic so we decided to take Ted down to the beach. It wasn’t a great success…

You can't make me!

You can’t make me!

That was as close as we got to time at the beach but luckily Skegness has plenty more to offer. I was so surprised that there were so many nice places to go! My previous view of Skeg has been entirely changed by this holiday. There’s a lovely paddling pool by a boating lake and loads of places for kids to run around. We found a lovely park and ended up taking Ted there to blow off steam at least once every day we were there.


This lovely park was great for Ted

BabyDaddy and Ted playing at the park

BabyDaddy and Ted playing at the park

On Tuesday we took Ted to the seal sanctuary and he had the most fun of the entire holiday. He shouted at a meerkat and made it run away, he chased seals back and forth along the window where they swim by, he fed fish and tried to climb in to join them… but there was no interest in the poor old penguins.

Ted and the seals

Ted and the seals

We also went to the model village, but we had to strap Ted in to his buggy as he didn’t understand that he couldn’t go and play with the little people. BabyDaddy and I loved the puns on the shop signs and Ted loved watching the train chugging around, and it was a nice cheap little half an hour away from the busy town.

Lingerie by Lucy Lastic

Lingerie by Lucy Lastic

On Wednesday we went to Ingoldmells to Fantasy Island. The less said about that the better. One man’s fantasy is another man’s nightmare, to quote BabyDaddy.

When we got back to Skeg the weather was absolutely atrocious. We got off the bus and ran straight in to the Pier to hide from the rain for a while, and then when it slowed down we took Ted to Panda’s Palace which is a great big indoor play area.

Panda's Palace

Panda’s Palace

Ted loved Panda’s Palace and at £3.95 to come and go all day long it was a really great price, but as grown-ups we were less impressed – the toilets were revolting, there was no baby change room – just a dirty changing table in the disabled loo – and a lot of the toys and equipment were broken. The place was rammed and they clearly make a lot of money so there didn’t seem to be a reason for the poor upkeep, but at least Ted was too busy having fun to notice any of the bad bits.

Ted driving a (broken) car at Panda's Palace

Ted driving a (broken) car at Panda’s Palace

One thing we noticed about Skeg was how late everything opens! We had trouble finding anywhere to get breakfast all week and only found the most amazing cafe on the last day. Even places that claim to serve “early breakfast” don’t open until 9am!

Pre-breakfast biscuits in bed?

Pre-breakfast biscuits in bed?

On Tuesday morning after walking for what felt like forever we found a little place called the Lincolnshire Imp where the service was fantastic and the prices were good, but it was unfortunately spoiled by the most bizarre sausages I’ve ever tasted.



On our final morning we found a little cafe off the main shopping street called Christopher’s. If you ever go to Skegness you should find Christopher’s and try their breakfasts. I was so happy to eat such amazing food in such a lovely quiet little cafe that part of me doesn’t want to tell anyone where it is, but if it closes down I won’t benefit anyway – so support them but keep it quiet, right?

Before we went away we had a sneaky peek at the weather and we knew not to expect wonders, so we bought Ted this little waterpoof all-in-one and took his wellies with us.

Waterproof all-in-one from Tu at Sainsbury's

Waterproof all-in-one from Tu at Sainsbury’s

It meant we could still take him to the park after it had rained and he could run around instead of being trapped inside our (tiny!) room.

BabyDaddy was very proud to win Ted a Nemo from the grabber machines (but don’t mention how hard he tried to win a Sully).

We found Nemo!

We found Nemo!

Ted discovered the 2p machines with Mummy! I got a little bit sucked in to those ones that give out tickets (but only by accident – I didn’t even notice the tickets at first!) and we ended up winning him a few cars as a result, but I also won two purses and two keyrings which is what the 2p machines are all about.

Me and Ted rocking the arcades

Me and Ted rocking the arcades

Ted discovered the little arcade rides but luckily didn’t work out that they actually do anything. Lots of free fun! One rude girl of around twelve who was wasting money on them and then standing up shouting for attention shouted at me that I was a “fat c*nt” but that was the only negative experience of the whole holiday. Generally the people we met were lovely and even in Panda’s Palace there were no snotty kids pushing and shoving, so we didn’t let that one little idiot get the attention she wanted.



Our room was on the second floor so after all the walking we did and then having to climb up and down four sets of stairs several times a day I’ve come home feeling much more pregnant than I did when I went, but it was lovely and I’ve got so many happy memories of our few days in Skegness.

Now we just need to catch up on our sleep!








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6 Responses to Skegness!

  1. SCC says:

    Loved reading this!! I have spent many a holiday in Skegness, as a child and as an adult! Some people/parts are questionable but I always love going back each year now for a daily visit to the Seal Sanctuary and a play in the arcades!! x

  2. mummy2arockstar says:

    Sounds like you had a lovely time. My hubby got hooked on a ticket machine game too, the one where you have to flick a coin into a castle. We ended up with a remote control car and a bubble one which I have now passed on to my little boy lol.

  3. Pike says:

    Lovely! Lad you had a good time!

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