If you’re happy and you know it

One of my very favourite things Ted does it to start doing the actions to ‘wind the bobbin up’ whilst making noises that fit the sounds of the song. In the absence of any words I love it when he does things that show understanding.

He also roars like a lion when we do Row Row Your Boat and acts out Incey Wincey, but be prepared for a mega-grump if you try and get him to join in Twinkle Twinkle. I keep meaning to ask nursery if they use it at nap time.

One of the books we got from Barefoot Books was If You’re Happy And You Know It and Ted loves it. The pictures are so bright and colourful.


But obviously what I prefer is that he claps along when we sing it.


The book also comes with a CD but everyone knows CDs are for dancing to, not clapping! I really love Ted’s reaction when I put music on and he stamps around, shouting “eee-eee-eee!” I have to admit to finding the woman’s American accent quite annoying but probably only because it gets stuck so firmly in my head!


At the end of the book are a whole host of characters from different cultures and I love this section. Ted likes pointing at them while I do my best to pronounce their “hello” translations (I need to give that part of the CD a few more listens!)


Of the books we were sent to review this is definitely Ted’s favourite. It’s beautifully illustrated and it has a whole range of actions for him to copy (he’s in that copying phase at the minute – another thing that makes me oddly proud!) and because he’s generally very good with books we leave it out for him to bring to us when he wants to sing.


Do I need to mention that it makes me really happy when he does that too?

I’ve written about Barefoot Books before. Go and have a look.


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