Beginning Babywearing

Today I went to the LincolnMums baby & toddler event at St. Marks in Lincoln. It’s still on tomorrow (Sunday 30th June) so if you’re nearby do go along. It was lovely.

Unfortunately Ted didn’t enjoy it quite as much as I did – apparently he’s developed an intense dislike of balloons and children’s entertainers – but the weather was great, there were some great stalls and it was a lovely friendly atmosphere.

I was lucky enough to meet Victoria of Victoria Slinglady fame and she kindly demonstrated her stretch wraps for me. I’ve been looking at slings and harnesses since I found out I was pregnant as the thought of managing my wayward toddler with a newborn in tow makes me very nervous, and babywearing just seems like an obvious and natural choice.

We had intended to carry Ted more when he was little but the carrier we bought was clumsy and heavy and only got used a couple of times, and never by me. Ted was a fairly big boy (9lb 7oz at birth) so having a carrier that didn’t support him or me meant it wasn’t an option, and that really made me sad. That’s why I’m so excited about my sling!

Luckily for me BabyNanny was too busy trying to keep Ted away from balloons to take a photo of me trying out the wraps – particularly as it’s a completely different look when you’ve got a bump to rest it on! – but I’ve tried it out since I got home (with Ted’s teddy Barry) so I’m sure photos will appear at some point.

I also looked at Victoria’s Facebook group when I got in and noticed photos of people wearing two children. I’ve thought before about wearing Ted on my back and have just been reading about the benefits with toddlers, so I’m going to look into that a bit more. If you have any experience please get in touch. Ted’s a big boy so it does worry me a bit, but I’d love to find out more.

Also today we saw a military band and Ted thought much more highly of the bagpipers than he did of the children’s entertainers. It’s strange how something as simple as the smile on his face as he clapped and cheered between the pieces of music could make me so happy, but it meant more to me than anything else all day. Seeing him discover new things is what makes being his Mum so amazing.

The enthusiasm for my new sling has also brought with it a giddy excitement at the thought of having two boys to share this big world with. Sometimes I get a bit caught up in how nervous I am about having another baby – and sometimes I’m so busy I almost forget it’s happening – so this feeling of sheer joy and exuberance has been welcome.

I’m going to be a Mum of two boys. Two! And that’s ace.


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One Response to Beginning Babywearing

  1. kirstyross85 says:

    aww, I got a carrier before we went away and as yet it has been trialed once but never actually used x

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