28 weeks pregnant

Today marks my move into the final chapter of my second pregnancy: twenty-eight weeks down, twelve to go.

I’ve been reminded that there’s usually an energy dip in the third trimester and that hasn’t really filled me with joy. I haven’t felt great for quite a while now, and although I’ve largely put that down to the pressures of working two jobs and raising a toddler I’m a bit nervous of how much crappier I could feel.

Today, as though to mark those nerves, I had to go and see my midwife as I was feeling so rubbish and getting anxious. I had a bad headache, sparkly eyes, dizziness, nausea, cramps and backache, none of which seems like a big deal when written down rather than being blubbed out by a hormonal fatty. The midwife was lovely to me anyway and did some tests. She thinks I’ve probably just got an infection but told me to rest as much as I can for a few days (however, I refer you back to those two jobs and that toddler).

So now I’m doing my best to chill out (as much as I can with a toddler climbing my bump) and I’m starting to think about the baby as the fourth person in our family rather than as an abstract concept. It’s getting very exciting.

We still don’t have a name, a short list or even a long list of names, but once we meet this little guy I’m sure he’ll let us know what he’s called.

Until then I’m just going to try to get as much rest as I can and hope that Ted’s recent bout of early-morning-waking really is over. Wish me luck?



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3 Responses to 28 weeks pregnant

  1. kirstyross85 says:

    aw hun, I hope you start to pick up really soon x I’ve loved watching your progress and after this post realised that you must be due around the start of October – just when my Oliver’s due to turn one! I can’t wait to meet the little guy and long list of names or not, I’m sure you will pick the perfect one when he arrive x

    • Yeah, I’m expecting it to be October although my due date is the 28th of September.
      I can’t believe Oliver’s nearly one!!

      • kirstyross85 says:

        Neither can I, we have just been out and got one of his birthday pressies (an early one off his great nanny and grandad because it’s a summer push a long bike). Oliver’s birthday is the 12th x sending hugs I really do hope you feel much better really soon x

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