Three 2nd Birthdays

My tiny baby Ted has somehow turned into a giant two year old toddler. It just can’t have been two years since I met him.

As I have a big family & BabyDaddy’s lucky enough to have a Grandma he adores we decided to have our families over on Saturday and Sunday, then on Ted’s actual birthday it was just the three of us.

At birthday party number one my family came over & Ted played in the garden with his cousins, Uncles and Grandad while my Aunties & Mum helped me with food & general fussing. No gender stereotypes here, I promise!

This was Ted’s first opportunity to sit on one of his presents; a theme he continued over the three days.

We decided to have fairy cakes instead of a birthday cake as Ted’s pretty fussy and we know he likes them. As it was his birthday we forgave him for pinching the chocolate buttons off the tops.

His second party involved fantastic presents. His grandma & grandad and Uncle Chris bought him HappyLand toys to go with his collection: dinosaurs and pirates.

We really do love HappyLand, and luckily Ted does too as his third day (his actual birthday) saw him receiving the circus set and alien space buggy from us.

We also got him a Leaptop and so Ted is now the writer of a blog! Well, Scout tells him so anyway.

I’d booked the day off work for Ted’s birthday and so the three of us headed off to Twinlakes (on what turned out to be the hottest day of the year). It was fantastic. Although he was initially wary of the animals he loved having the freedom to run wherever he wanted and especially loved the USA zone with the little Wild West town.

If you’ve never been I can definitely recommend Twinlakes. Once you’re inside there are rides, soft play areas, a water park, playgrounds, farm animals and a falconry, and you don’t pay for anything separately. The water park looked amazing and I would have loved to run in as it was so hot! We did make the most of the excuse to eat too many ice creams and Ted took the opportunity to have a well-deserved birthday rest.
When we decided we’d had enough of the heat and it was time to head home Ted insisted on holding my hand all the way back in the car. It may have been sweaty but I couldn’t help feeling as though my heart was swelling.


Ted’s second birthday ended with all three of us sitting in our pants to escape the heat, playing with new toys and reflecting on the strange quirk of time that allowed my baby to become a boy in the blink of an eye.
20130726-203545.jpgHe did almost get a fourth birthday party, but when his little friends came over on Wednesday he was so grumpy that he spent most of his time hiding inside with his toys while the girls fought over his wheelbarrow and wagon in the garden.
I can’t remember what life was like before the 22nd of July was this important.


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8 Responses to Three 2nd Birthdays

  1. kirstyross85 says:

    got to ask hun, how did the planning go, am currently working on a teddy bears picnic theme and getting very excited x how are you feeling now, have you picked up a little x

    • I ended up not really planning, I just invited family & made up loads of buffet food. For his first birthday we went to the seaside and our families all brought picnics. What have you got planned for your teddy bears’ picnic?

  2. kirstyross85 says:

    so far, I have ordered a hand made cake topper to use on both cakes (2 parties – one at home and one in Manchester so all my family get to see him too) I have ordered some little teddy bear keyrings and have worked out how to make cardboard picnic baskets for the goody bags, I am also going to stitch small teddy bears directly onto his invites at the top to make them a little more personal x as for food etc, I haven’t got htat far, want to make some bear cub cup cakes and bits like that for at home but the party in Manchester will be at a soft play area so we don’t have to do the catering for that one x

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