Congratulations, Painty

Massive HUGE congratulations to my friend and fellow skeptic, Painty.

She has given her two year old son a baby brother, thereby helpfully going through everything I’ll be going through with Ted and his brother in a couple of months. She’ll think life’s settling into a nice routine when suddenly she’ll discover that I’ve got her on speed dial.

The (not so) little bundle of joy is absolutely beautiful, just like his Mummy, and I’m sure that with enough pickled onion Walkers and chocolate buttons they’re going to have an amazing time getting to know each other.

It’s made me a little more excited about meeting my little guy but also a little less impatient. He’s got some cooking time left to go before he comes out to say hello to his friend, and in that time I’ll be making notes of every tip Painty passes on.

Hooray for baby boys!


About Stitches and Stretchmarks

Honest and frank Mum of one.
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