Nuby baby

Thank you so much to Nuby for their HUGE parcel of baby products for Ted’s little brother to try when he arrives.

They have very kindly sent us a range of bottles, breast pump, breast milk storage containers, formula dispensers, bibs and dummies. The dummies will be coming with me in my hospital bag after the necessity of a dash to the chemist in order to get Ted home.

As I’m planning on combination feeding from the start with baby number two it’s a really useful and generous package and it’s really made my day. Considering Ted & I have both come down with colds today it was great timing.

They also very kindly sent Ted a little treat too. He LOVES his imonster bowl and spoon – practically everything goes in that bowl – and he’s now got the brand new collection. The old set was for weaning and the new set is for big boys so we’ll see how he gets on with it. The cutlery looks like a good step up for him, so I’ll add reviews in the next couple of days.


Stocking up on baby products (especially teeny tiny clothes, so small next to Ted’s!) is getting me really excited. Only seven weeks to go!


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4 Responses to Nuby baby

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  2. Helen says:

    The Monster range looks fab! Finlay would love it but unfortunately, being number 3 means we have plenty kids plates and cutlery, so naughty Mummy won’t buy him it! 😉

  3. Alison says:

    It looks like you’ve got everything you need there. I do love Nuby stuff and I’m sure their bottles etc will be well used by little #2

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