As mentioned in my last post Nuby sent Ted the new imonster plate, bowl and cutlery to try.
I’ve written before about how much he loves his old imonster bowl – in fact, since then he’s had almost everything out of it! – and I really loved the spoon because it helped his coordination.

The old bowl and spoon are still very popular but I wanted to see how Ted would get on with his new big-boy cutlery. Tonight we tried it out and it seemed to go well.

I thought the spoon might be too shallow but it seemed fine. I was more impressed by the fork though – the ones Ted has used previously (from Ikea) haven’t been very successful, but he managed to spear things much more easily with this one.

Of course, the old imonster spoon still has its uses – I’m not sure how suitable the new one is for yoghurt just yet – and feeding mummy seems to be one of them.

But really, there’s little better than sticky fingers! Who needs spoons anyway?!

And one final note: Ted’s finally talking! Hooray! But I’m still always proud when he uses signs. Here he is signing “finished” after rubbing yoghurt all over his face.



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3 Responses to Monster!

  1. Jonathan says:

    Aw, looks like he is loving his monster bowl! Great signing too!

  2. Alison says:

    I think he is giving them the thumbs up! You’ll have to have a second set for #2 when the time comes or there’ll be fights and squabbles. If you get the same thing in two different colours they will fall out too – ask me how I know! (they always both want the pink bowl!!)

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