What I Forgot About Pregnancy

After I had Ted I wrote an entry called What They Don’t Tell You About Pregnancy which, fairly obviously, contained a list of all of the lovely surprises pregnancy brings. This time around I was surprised every time I thought “oh yeah! I forgot about that!” so I thought it was time to document those feelings.

I seem to spend a lot of my time saying “god, it wasn’t like this with Ted” and then being told “but don’t you remember when…?” Turns out I just don’t remember any of the bad bits particularly well, which is probably an evolutionary quirk allowing us to carry on procreating.

Did I forget pregnancy the instant he was born?

Did I forget pregnancy the instant he was born?

When I was pregnant with Ted there were real problems – I was rushed into hospital in agony, I had blood clots removed from my cervix, I had terrible SPD – but I don’t remember there being that many things I didn’t enjoy. Apparently that’s not the case. I’m inclined to believe my husband as he’s the one who’s had to put up with me through both pregnancies, and how he does it with a smile on his face is completely beyond me.

There are some things I do remember forgetting (that sentence makes sense somehow) and some things I’ve been reminded of forgetting (that one too), so I’m going to have a go at adding them to my previous list of pregnancy symptoms to surprise us all.

Pregnant Mummy hiding

Pregnant Mummy hiding

When the baby moves it HURTS. In my golden memories of being pregnant with Ted feeling him moving was like a beautiful sign of his well-being. In the reality of this pregnancy I’ve discovered that actually the baby moving feels like being jabbed, poked and occasionally stabbed from the inside. I’m not convinced that it really was as bad as this with Ted – surely I wouldn’t forget this?? – but I’m told I whinged then too. And I do love a whinge.

When I get on the floor  -something I do much more often this time as I have a toddler to entertain – I really can’t get up again! You know on soaps you see women rolling around like stranded beetles and you think they’re being ridiculously melodramatic? Yeah, that’s me. But at least it makes Ted laugh.

I was down there for a week...

I was down there for a week…

My bum is numb All. The. Time. and is usually accompanied by a trapped nerve down my leg. There have been several occasions where I’ve stumbled along, bouncing off any available surface to keep myself upright, to try to get to a chair only to find Ted giggling and scrambling on to it first. But once I’m on it I can’t get comfortable because my bum’s so numb it hurts – how does that even work?! – and I have to walk it off again.

Last time I was pregnant I had loads of skin tags on my neck and chest and they really really upset me. It was only a week or so ago that I noticed I have a couple on my neck but I don’t think they’re visible. I don’t think they’ll bother me as much this time either – and at least I know they’ll disappear after I have the baby – but it did make me remember how surprised I was to find that it’s something that happens in pregnancy. I had no idea. Did you?

I have dreadful headaches and I’d forgotten that I had loads of them last time too. It took me getting a bit panicky for BabyDaddy to calmly remind me that not only was I exactly the same last time I was pregnant but that it was really common in pregnant women, and in fact in most women in the heat we’ve been having.



I’d forgotten the tiredness – although I think it must be worse this time as I have Ted too – and I’d also forgotten that sometimes, no matter how exhausted you are, you just can’t sleep because the baby’s dancing in your ribcage or you’ve got so much acid you’re scared to snore or there are a pair of feet trying to dig their way through your mattress through your abdomen. I find myself sitting up in my chair with some nonsense on the TV just so I can stop myself from going crazy. Mostly it works, but I think pregnancy brings a certain amount of crazy with it anyway. One of my friends has recently reassured me that the tiredness of having a newborn is nothing like as bad as the tiredness of pregnancy, and I have every part of my crossed that this is something else I’ve forgotten.

Speaking of keeping things crossed… well, one thing I didn’t have to do last time was keep my legs crossed when I sneezed. Ahem. There’s just no dignity in this growing babies lark.

Pregnant with a toddler. Sheesh.

Pregnant with a toddler. Sheesh.

The problem with writing an entry about forgetting is that, quite predictably, I’ve forgotten most of what it was that I’d remembered forgetting. But that’s where you come in! 

What do you remember from pregnancy? What were the things you loved, the things you hated, and the things you didn’t expect at all? Leave me a comment and I’ll add your suggestions to my lists.
Maybe you’ll even remind me of something I’d forgotten remembering forgetting.


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20 Responses to What I Forgot About Pregnancy

  1. Loved this, and can really relate. I’m just over 10 weeks into my second pregnancy, and I think the worst part of both of them so far is the constant urge to run upstairs to the bathroom, feeling nauseous, and getting all the way there to feel fine again.

  2. Sarah says:

    As a mummy of a 20 week old I can definitely agree that the tiredness of a newborn is not as crippling as pregnancy tiredness! At least the newborn tiredness is due to sleep deprivation but the pregnancy tiredness is though you’ve had a shot from a tranquiliser gun! Another fab piece of writing Suzanne x

  3. kirstyross85 says:

    Things I hated: the dietician that rollocked me for dieting during pregnancy when my morning sickness was that bad I could only keep ice poles down. The sciatica was horrendous, I have a slipped disc and that was worse. That bloody itchiness from cholestasis that causec me to cut my arms, , legs, neck and face with scratching. Being hooked up to a monitor and told not to move -for four hours. The emergency hospital stay. The acid. The needles. I could go on. What I loved: listening to my gorgeous boys heart beat whilst cuddled up to hubby at home. seeing him on the scans. Holding him for the very first time. And every time since. X

  4. I forgot about the crazy dreams! I’ll elaborate in a few weeks LOL

  5. Helen says:

    I think you are right……the body is programmed to forget all the bad bits! We have no memory for pain so that we will do it again (and again!)

  6. Jonathan says:

    Women forget all the pain and problems. Men don’t forget all the pain and problems that the women complain about! Not that I’m suggesting pregnant woman complain……..l would never say that!!

  7. Alison says:

    I had no idea that you could get skin tags. That seems really weird to me. I learn so much from your blog.

    ps – I hope you’ve managed to get up from the floor by now!

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