Growth scan

For the past few weeks the community midwife has been panicking about everything from my blood pressure to my medication and the size of the baby.

As a result she’s been seeing me weekly, and yesterday she decided she was worried enough to send me for an ultrasound with a specialist midwife all the way over in the big city hospital I’m delivering in rather than the local one.

She said he was consistently measuring below the 50th centile (although when I looked at my scans rather than the midwife’s measurements he was always above average) and as Tedwas 9lb7oz she would expect him to be bigger.

This morning I sat nervously waiting for my scan, worrying about everything from what could be wrong to how to not cry when they told me, before finally going in and seeing my beautiful boy.

His heartbeat was strong, there was plenty of fluid (unlike with Ted) and the blood flow through his cord was fine.
The midwife told me she thought he looked quite big, then when she’d put all of his measurements through the computer it came out that he’s around 6lb6oz with five weeks to go. Another big boy.

I’m exhausted now and I’ve had a headache all day but it was worth it to see my boy again, and to see how well he’s doing. I can’t blame the community midwife for being overly cautious but I’m so glad she was wrong.

Big boy number two’s face with a hand by his chin. And no, that’s not another baby’s face underneath!


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3 Responses to Growth scan

  1. Helen says:

    Nice to know he’s growing well. I think sometimes Midwifes can be a bit over cautious, but better that than the other way!

  2. Alison says:

    I didn’t even notice the face underneath until you pointed that out. Now I can’t un-see it and it’s really spooky! It’s like a screaming ghost-baby! eek!

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