From baby bed to big boy bed

Today Ted had his last nap in his cot-bed.

We made the decision to change his cot into a bed a couple of weeks ago and ordered new bedding and decor to make it special. We had today planned because we’d both be here and it was after my birthday weekend so he wouldn’t be over-excited from seeing his cousins. It turned out to be good timing because yesterday afternoon he threw himself out of his cot head-first. I had been hoping to escape that particular rite of passage.
We decided on a Toy Story theme and in part I suspect this was unconsciously based on how difficult it is to find Toy Story merchandise in any of the shops at the moment. I mean, we wouldn’t want to make this too easy.

We ordered the bedding from Amazon as you can get a duvet, pillow, duvet cover and pillow case for a toddler bed as a set and it saved me remembering to buy the right sizes. The sheet is just a starry one from Asda. The canvas picture above his bed was a car boot sale bargain and the stickers over his headboard were a hook-a-duck prize from Skegness.

After his bath Daddy brought him in to see his new room for the first time and he loved it. He was so excited.

Daddy had been out shopping today and spotted a Buzz Lightyear soft toy in Asda and although I initially thought it was a bit weird I think it was the winning piece.

He enjoyed showing Buzz his new Toy Story poster and pointing to the characters. He kept spotting new things and running around from one to the next. I was a little worried he’d be too excited to sleep but also hopeful that he’d wear himself out.

Once in his Toy Story pyjamas (from Peacocks) he spotted the curtains (from a local Facebook baby & toddler group). Then, tipping his head back further, he spotted the piece de resistance…

Buzz’s spaceship!
I ordered the light fitting from Amazon without telling Daddy so it was a surprise to them both. I love it and I’m so glad I spotted it.

He finally started looking tired and grabbed his faithful old friend, Freddie, so I sat by his bed and read him a story. Looking back, I’m not sure One Ted Fell Out Of Bed was the best choice but we’ll see…

Remember the stickers from over his headboard? Well, I’m glad they were a prize from hook-a-duck as they didn’t last long. They’re now stuck to his wardrobe door in pieces. But when I left he was curled up on top of his bed with Buzz and Freddie, quietly sucking his dummy.

Since then I’ve been up twice to put him back to bed after he’s shaken his door-gate whilst crying, but he’s gone back fine both times. He just seems confused. I would have preferred to be able to use the bed guard we bought but the weight of his mattress isn’t enough to make it safe. Fingers crossed it won’t matter…

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5 Responses to From baby bed to big boy bed

  1. Helen says:

    We still have this to go through with Finlay…….I think his sleeping bag limits any attempts to climb out of his cot! We have the big bed ordered, arriving 21st Sept and he’s chosen a pirate duvet set. Exciting times!!! We’ll see if he takes after Big Sister Number 1, who never got out of her bed alone, or Big Sister Number 2 who was in and out like a yo-yo!

    • Ted doesn’t tend to sleep with any kind of cover and hasn’t taken well to a sleeping bag since he was a baby – he’s just such a hot boy – but the sleeping bags were useful when he was little. He just couldn’t get anywhere!
      So far he’s being quiet until Scout stops singing & then running to the door. Monster.

  2. Sarah says:

    Cute! Glad it’s going well. Another thing done before blue baby 2 comes along 😃

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