First night success

Last night went really well. By 9.30 we’d stopped hearing the pitter-patter across the floor and when we went to bed at 10.00 he was fast asleep.

20130827-110506.jpgAnd the only debris was one book and Buzz on the floor.

I had to pop my head round the door once when he woke up confused but once I’d told him he was a good boy he went back to sleep. I think we got up three times between us to put him back in bed but after a kiss and putting Scout’s bedtime music back on he went back to sleep.

20130827-110734.jpgThis morning I heard him put Scout’s bedtime music on himself and then lie back singing to himself before opening his door and shouting hello at 7.00, when I went to give him big kisses and lots of praise. He looked so proud of himself and I was over the moon.

20130827-110938.jpgThe only thing I hadn’t thought about was afternoon naptime…


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