After the success of last night’s transition from cot-bed to toddler bed I was worried that we wouldn’t have the same luck at naptime. I assumed this would be the end of afternoon naps and cursed myself for making the change before the baby arrives.

20130827-210439.jpgI needn’t have worried. I took Ted up for his nap and then came back downstairs. I could hear him pottering about so fifteen or twenty minutes later I thought I would just get on with sorting out the baby’s room and let Ted play. On the way upstairs I heard him put Scout’s bedtime music on, so I crept up and peeped through to see him laying back on his bed with Freddie in his arms and his dummy in his mouth.

20130827-210706.jpgA couple of minutes later I heard his baby snores. I couldn’t have felt more proud of my big boy.


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4 Responses to Naptime

  1. Adorable! I love when they go to sleep by themselves!

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