Stokke Tripp Trapp review

This month Ted & I have been lucky enough to be selected to test out the Stokke Tripp Trapp highchair on behalf of Kiddicare as part of their Parent Panel.

20130910-162628.jpg We were sent the highchair and the baby set. The chair itself can be used right up to adulthood so the baby set is great as you buy it separately if you need it but then can still adapt the seat.

Putting the chair together wasn’t too bad – I did it by myself when BabyDaddy was at work and Ted was asleep, and let’s not forget that I’m due to give birth in just over two weeks! – but it would have been more successful if I’d noticed symbols telling me when to tighten screws (or, more accurately, the lack of those symbols) and if I’d read the baby set section before I tightened it all.

20130910-163034.jpg Turns out there’s a set height for the baby set and of course it wasn’t the height I’d built it at.

20130910-163121.jpg After I’d put together the chair and baby set I realised there was something else in the box but luckily it didn’t involve having to unscrew everything again. The extendable gliders go on the bottom of the feet and only took a few minutes to attach, although I can’t say I’ve really seen much point and probably wouldn’t bother again.

20130910-163337.jpg I’ve written before about Ted’s last highchair, the Cosatto 3Sixti – I absolutely LOVED it – but this was perfect timing for us as he’s pretty much outgrown it now. I think the Stokke is perfect for his current age and size but I’m really glad we got him the Cosatto when he was younger as I don’t think he would have been comfortable in this chair, although you can buy cushions so that would probably help. You can also get a newborn seat that attaches to the top which would allow you to have baby up at table height with the rest of the family.

One of the only problems I had with the Cosatto was the amount of space it took up. It has a HUGE base to keep it stable at the various heights which also made it difficult to move around, but I was happy to live with that as it was so great. I fully intend to keep that chair for the new baby so it’s handy that the Stokke is so much smaller, otherwise I don’t think we’d fit both in our tiny dining room.

20130910-165005.jpg So, what did we think of the Tripp Trapp?

20130910-165501.jpg It gets him really close to the table, which is much better for the floor around his seat.

20130910-165733.jpg He can’t get out of it by himself, or even stand up.

20130910-165811.jpg It fits right up to the table out of the way.

20130910-165847.jpg But getting him out of it is really awkward.

I’ll confess that I was really excited when I got the email telling me I was getting the Stokke because I’d always wanted one. The fact that it grows with your child is great and I think it looks great (although I really hate the colour of the baby set I’ve got). At around £200 it was always out of my price range which probably also made it more desirable. I also really wanted the Stokke cot when I was pregnant with Ted but that was so far out of my price range I could hardly make out the numbers. Then once I had him and my fancy pram turned out to be useless I would have killed for this one after I got all green-eyed one day in Sainsbury’s as a new Mum was happily chatting away to her almost eye-level baby. All of those things, and the reviews I’d heard from other Mums, made Stokke seem like the Gucci of baby companies to me and I have to admit that I do like the Tripp Trapp a lot.

20130910-170549.jpg Having said that, I wouldn’t have swapped my Cosatto at a younger age and I’m glad the baby will still have it. The 3Sixti was really comfortable and supportive when Ted was younger and although I don’t have experience of it I can’t imagine the Tripp Trapp would be as good for younger babies, except with the newborn seat (which is, predictably, out of my price range!)

20130910-170914.jpg All in all I’m really pleased with the Tripp Trapp and think it’s absolutely great for the stage Ted’s at now and will be perfect as he gets bigger. I also love that he gets to keep the same chair, although I don’t know whether that will matter to him at all.

I think the price is actually reasonable considering the quality and the amount of time it should last (it does also come with an extended warranty) but it starts to add up if you buy the newborn seat and the cushions. Part of what you’re paying for is the Stokke name, but I can’t help feeling that it’s a name worth having.

I was sent the Stokke Tripp Trapp highchair free of charge for the purposes of this and other related reviews. The views expressed are completely honest.


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2 Responses to Stokke Tripp Trapp review

  1. Helen says:

    We have two Tripp Trapps. One is almost 10 years old and looks as good new! Not so keen on the new plastic baby set, ours is a wooden bar with a leather strap for between their legs, which looks like its easier for getting in and out of. Now his baby bit is off Finlay turns his round amd uses it as a step, so he can get to the kitchen sink and ‘help’ Mummy!

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