Toddler bed safety

It’s been a couple of weeks now since we changed Ted’s cotbed to a big boy bed and right from the start he’s been so good. The only real problem we had was with him falling out as the bed rail we bought wasn’t suitable for his bed. He didn’t fall out very often but when he did he struggled to get back to sleep properly – he’d snooze for an hour, play for an hour, drop off again, then wake up exhausted and grumpy much too early the next day.

I had heard about inflatable bumpers so I looked them up but wasn’t convinced about having to buy specialist sheets. This was one of those times when Amazon’s “people also bought” was really useful and I discovered the British Bed Bumper.

20130913-111109.jpgAt first glance it just looks like a piece of foam. Well, it is just a piece of foam. Luckily the reviews swayed me as they all said they wished they’d found it sooner and that it was perfect for safety and peace of mind.

20130913-111223.jpgYou slip the bumper 5-6cm in from the edge of the mattress, pull your regular fitted sheet over the top, check that it’s flat, and you’re done. It’s strong enough that you can lean your body weight on it while you give them a kiss or read their bedtime story and it just pops up again afterward.

20130913-111359.jpgThe bumper looks like it takes up quite a lot of room but it leaves plenty of space for Ted and he’s never seemed bothered by it. He enjoys diving over the top of it to get into bed and it’s stopped him moving around so much in his sleep. For such a little wriggler that was a big change.

20130913-111522.jpgThe best part is that he hasn’t fallen out of bed since we’ve had it, he’s slept right through the night and he’s woken up between 6.30 and 7 which is our “family life can start” acceptable time.

This isn’t a sponsored post, just an excited share of a fantastic product. I paid the bargainous £10.99 myself.


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