A Little Bird Told Me

When I was pregnant I was asked by a lovely little company called Little Bird Told Me to review their 3 in 1 nursing cushion. At the time I was putting support in place to help me breastfeed the new baby and I was excited to agree. Unfortunately I’m not nursing Ben (more on that later) but that doesn’t mean I don’t love this cushion. It’s absolutely beautiful.

20131011-143922.jpgThe cushion arrived in this lovely eco-friendly packaging with really cute illustrations on the back.

The fabric covering the cushion is really lovely. On one side it’s a bright red patterned polyester, which may make you shudder but is so soft and touchable and should wipe clean if caught quickly.

20131011-144319.jpgThe other side is like a teddy bear and is absolutely as soft as it looks.

20131011-144411.jpgThe detachable toys are really cute. I prefer the fluffy teddy (which rattles) to the chick (which jangles) but the chick does have a mirror on the back which I really like about it. The fact that they’re attached to teething rings is also great, especially because they can be hooked on to play gyms or buggies etc.

20131011-144729.jpgThe reason I love this cushion is that it’s actually really helped me. Since Ben was born my pelvis has given me a lot of trouble. I know from managing SPD that I shouldn’t cross my legs but when I’m feeding Ben I have to prop my elbow on the arm of my chair and cross my legs to lift him high enough to support without my arm going dead. Being able to support him with the cushion has meant that I don’t have to cross my legs, which in turn means I can stand up once we’re done.

20131011-145121.jpgAnother thing I didn’t expect was how much easier it made burping Ben. He’s a proper wriggler and sometimes holding him upright is difficult; especially if he pushes himself backwards. With the cushion I can sit him up with his legs down on my tummy and he’s really well supported, leaving me free to rub his back securely (and kiss his head, obviously). And when he falls asleep I don’t have to shift around to save my arms from going to sleep!

20131011-145400.jpgThe cushion is a 3 in 1 with the other functions being a tummy time support and a sit-me-up seat. I’m looking forward to Ben discovering the different textures, colours and toys as he gets bigger and if it serves as well in those other functions as it does for feeding I’ll be really pleased.

20131011-145623.jpgI was sent this cushion for the purpose of this review but all views expressed are honest. I really do love this cushion.

I also love this bear playmat so, y’know, if you were thinking of buying Ben a present…



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