Nuby bottle-feeding

When I was pregnant Nuby kindly sent me a whole load of baby supplies. Now that I’m well established in a bottle-feeding routine I thought it was time to share my experience of the Nuby products.

When Ben was tiny and only taking 3oz per feed we didn’t want to use big bottles as it just increases the chances of him taking in loads of air. Instead we decided to use the small containers that collect milk with the breast pump. They’re designed so that the same teats as the regular bottles fit for ease of feeding after pumping, although they also have lids for storing breast milk.

20131108-173827.jpgI loved these tiny bottles. When we didn’t need much milk they were ideal, but even since then I’ve found them really useful for giving him a top-up of an ounce or two if he’s decided that his main feed wasn’t enough.

When he moved on to bigger feeds we tried the Silicone Soft Flex newborn feeding bottle which holds up to 5oz and feels squishy. The soft silicone is designed to allow you to gently squeeze the bottle to encourage feeding, and apparently this is similar to breastfeeding in some way. I did like the bottle but I don’t remember ever squeezing it; I just liked the shape of it and the way it felt in my hand.

20131108-174459.jpgNext we moved on to a more traditional bottle: the 9oz decorated newborn feeding bottle, of which we’ve got the car design. I really like this bottle because I’m a sucker for aesthetics and it looks nice. I’m so easy to sell to. As bottles go it’s fairly standard but although I like the width of the bottles (there’s something about tall narrow ones that makes me strangely uncomfortable) it does mean it doesn’t fit well in the bottle pocket of my changing bag. We’ve also got the newborn feeding bottle in the plain design and even though it does the same thing I really don’t use them as often as the patterned ones. I know I should be embarrassed…

20131108-175130.jpgThe steriliser has unfortunately been a little less impressive. It looks lovely and I would definitely have chosen it if I’d been out shopping for an electric steriliser (there’s my easy-to-please pretty-sensor again!) but there are a few design flaws that let it down.

My previous steriliser (which I bought because it went with my kitchen, even though it was a different brand from my bottles!) had a flat top so you could take the lid off and use to stand the tray in while you took the bottles etc out, safe in the knowledge that it too was sterile. The Nuby steriliser has a round lid which means that this isn’t possible. We either have to put the tray of bottles on to the kitchen counter or stand the lid in a bowl. Although it’s not a huge hassle it is another thing to think about when you’re getting everything ready for a feed.

The other issue is more of a big deal and has left both my husband and I with burnt hands. With other sterilisers the light comes on when it’s working and turns off when it’s finished. You have to be careful of the steam when you take the lid off but that’s common sense. Unfortunately the Nuby steriliser is different. The light comes on when it’s heating up and then turns off when it’s at the right temperature, leaving you to guess when it’s finished. Although it does tell you this in the instructions I hadn’t really bothered reading them until this happened, which I know is my own fault. It is pretty though.

I have to admit that the bottles themselves are much of a muchness (apart from my beloved car ones!) but the teats are really good. They’re shaped to be as nipple-like as possible to allow combination feeding. Although I haven’t breastfed for a long time nature has it right and mimicking that can only be a good thing, regardless of whether you’re exclusively bottle-feeding or combining it with the breast.

Nuby were really generous in sending us these bottles and steriliser and I have been so happy with the bottles that I’ve subsequently bought more myself. I also bought lids for the small container/bottles but I haven’t ended up using them as you can’t then fit the teat over the top, meaning to be able to take it out you’d have to find some way of storing the teat. Obviously the lids are designed for storing breast milk so that’s entirely my fault. I also bought the sealing discs for stopping the water leaking out of the bottles, but I haven’t used them because they don’t leak anyway. They fit the powder storage pots which has made them extremely useful for night feeds as I can have bottles of boiled water and ready-measured formula ready when I go to bed.

20131108-180825.jpgIf you’re reading this because you don’t know where to start with shopping for bottles I can genuinely say that I’m happy with these and would recommend them, but I’d also recommend looking around for another steriliser that fits them – unless, like me, you’re more comfortable with something that looks good on the kitchen counter.

I was sent these items free of charge by Nuby for the purposes of tis review but all views expressed are honest.


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