Early morning musings

It’s around twenty-five past three and I’ve been up for an hour and a half.

Ben woke with a dirty nappy and decided only milk could make it better when he’d had his poor little bottom out in the cold.

Ted woke when his brother screamed on his way back upstairs and is now making his bedtime bunny chat to Buzz Lightyear.

I came to bed at my post-Ben usual bedtime of 9.30 so I’d had four and a half hours’ sleep before Ben woke me up. That much sleep in one chunk is generally all I need to keep going so I’m not too desperate to go back to sleep just yet.

When I feel like this – rested enough to wake up without feeling drunk – I really enjoy the night feeds. If only I had another four and a half hours before the next one it would be perfect. In reality I probably have about an hour left now and I’m really going to regret this awake time.

The thing is, hearing Ben’s heavy breathing at the side of me and Ted’s lovely chatting in the next room is just too comforting to miss.

Besides, it’s not that easy to sleep when a bunny and a space ranger are sharing secrets.

I’ve had so many “proper” posts in my head just waiting to be written but it’s so hard to find the time while Ben’s so little and I want to spend his sleep time fussing over Ted. At these times when I’m awake in relative peace I’m generally too tired to string any meaningful words together.

Now Ted’s gone quiet the little snufflepig beside me seems to be stirring. And now I’m tired and pinning my hopes on an hour before either of them really needs me.

Oh, but there’s now an elephant playing with a lion…

I may be exhausted in the morning but these times are lovely. Like my beautiful boys.

Edit: it’s now 5.50 and I’m finally heading to bed. Remind me not to say I enjoy the nights again…


About Stitches and Stretchmarks

Honest and frank Mum of one.
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