Ted discovers Ben!

Since Ben was born (eight weeks ago tomorrow!) Ted hasn’t really paid him much attention. In hospital he was more interested in his “thanks for being my big brother” present from Ben – a Buzz Lightyear. When we came home he was too excited by being showered with gifts from thoughtful family members who didn’t want him to feel left out. Since then he’s grown to ignore his crying and amuse himself while I’m feeding him. He gives Ben a “kiss” goodnight (which is actually a gentle prod to the head) and he does actually kiss him when prompted, but it’s never been spontaneous until today.

Ted and I went to a music group this morning and left Ben at home with BabyDaddy so we could have some special time. It turned out to be good that we did as he was quite poorly and BabyDaddy spent the whole time we were out cleaning up sick and changing nappies. When I held Ben to comfort him when we got home I said “poor Ben” to Ted and he came and gave him one of his “kisses”.

Later I was taking a photo of Ben in a tshirt my cousin had sent us and Ted finally noticed his baby brother.

Ben had recently been fed and so there was a bib on my chair. Ted saw it and thought Ben should really still be wearing it.

He started babbling like he was telling Ben a story and then pulled his tiny socks off and laughed. Next he got down on the floor and finally gave me some photos of the two of them together!

20131125-184408.jpgI was already hormonally teary from his unexpected burst of love for his brother when he bent down and gently kissed him.

20131125-184526.jpgAnd without a head-prod in sight.


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2 Responses to Ted discovers Ben!

  1. Sarah says:

    Lovely pics

  2. Helen says:

    Brotherly love 🙂

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