Tippi Toes Star Wrap review

A couple of weeks ago I took the boys out with my mum and, thanks to a combination of sleep deprivation and general ineptitude, found myself without the adapter to put the car seat on the buggy or Ben’s all-in-one coat to let him lay in the seat or a blanket to keep him warm.

Luckily mum had a blanket in her car and so, with much fiddling and faffing, we managed to wrap him up. During this process I commented on how difficult it was to strap him in when he was wrapped up, and that reminded me that I’d seen a strange star-shaped blanket in Home Bargains.

It turned out that the blankets I remembered seeing were by Tippi Toes and were called Star Wraps. As it had been so long since I’d seen them I was surprised to find them still in stock this week. On the Tippi Toes website the wraps are £14.99 but in Home Bargains they’re only £4.99 so I thought it was worth picking one up.

I absolutely love this blanket. It’s lovely and thick, with fleece on the outside and a soft cotton lining inside. I bought the wrap in blue and it has this really cute embroidered elephant that looks like it’s from the 70s.

20131212-211926.jpgEarlier this week I had a very very bad night and morning with Ben. By 9am I was feeling desperate. He hadn’t slept for more than 45mins at a time and I had barely slept at all. He was screaming and even when I managed to soothe him I couldn’t put him down. The only way I could settle him properly was with skin-to-skin cuddles but that meant I couldn’t get anything else done. It’s hard to leave him to cry as Ted gets really upset by it and then I struggle to cope with both of them screaming.

I thought of the star wrap and realised I could have skin-to-skin whilst also having him semi-swaddled in a way that would allow me to pop him in his chair once he was settled. He was struggling to breathe and I knew being upright would help, but I also wanted to be able to keep him with me while I went for a shower.

I wrapped him up, cuddled him until he was dropping off and then popped him down in his chair. It may only have been twenty minutes but those twenty minutes allowed me to shower, dress and get ready to go out (it was my duty as a daughter to take my dad Christmas shopping for my Mum’s present!)

20131212-212717.jpgI love the wrap because it means I can cuddle him to sleep no matter what our plans are. If we’re going out it means I can drop him into his car seat; downstairs he can go in his swing; upstairs he can go in his chair; for short walks he can go in his sling; for longer walks he can go in his buggy. But he can still also just go to bed as normal as I can swaddle him or leave him loosely wrapped. It’s got a piece that goes behind his head but it’s not a hood so I can help him to maintain a good temperature without overheating.

I haven’t been asked to write this review and it’s not a sponsored post: I just really love it and want to share that with anyone who might be googling it. Although £15 seems quite a high price I would honestly pay it for this wrap if anything happened to mine. It’s good quality, cosy and really practical. If you can pick one up for £4.99 then I really recommend it.



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One Response to Tippi Toes Star Wrap review

  1. Helen says:

    We had something similar to this for Eilidh, think it was called Babynomade. They are great! And for £4.99 it’s fab……..I only discovered Home Bargains recently and love that shop!!

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