BabyWeavers highchair review

Last summer Ted and I reviewed the Stokke Tripp Trapp highchair for Kiddicare and absolutely loved it. It’s been in constant use since and encourages Ted to paint and play at the table independently.

However, I have two boys now so when those lovely people at Kiddicare told me to choose something from their (frankly amazing) sale I chose a similar-looking highchair by BabyWeavers, reduced from an already generous £69.99 to a bargainous £44.99. I was interested to see what the quality and finish would be like next to my beloved Stokke, and I have to say that I’m impressed.

Initially it seemed that Ted was going to “help” me assemble the highchair, although he wasn’t too sure about the whole Opening The Box idea, but once we’d overcome that stumbling block it became apparent that his curiosity wasn’t going to wane, even if Ben hadn’t started crying. Still, checking it was all there first did help me. Good boy, Ted.

With Ted and Ben bundled off to Nanna’s house I got back to work. Ted didn’t check the screws (thankfully, or who knows where I’d have had to look to find them) but the bad boys were all there. Looking ferocious was the dreaded barrel nut: my eternal nemesis.

The only thing you don’t get in the box is a screwdriver, and you only need that for eight little screws. The correct sized head happened to already be attached to my husband’s magic magnetic screwdriver. The barrel nuts weren’t going to phase me when luck was on my side.

So, off we go. Simple screws and an Allen key. No problem. In fact, the whole chair was ridiculously easy to put together and wouldn’t even have taken as long as it did (about half an hour) if it wasn’t for those FLIPPING BARREL NUTS!

(Oh, and if I hadn’t put the tray on upside down…)

Barrel nuts in place and tray adjusted, the finished article looks great. The quality and weight of the wood is much better than I expected for the price and I’m really pleased with how the chair looks. The Stokke is a thing of beauty but with the baby seat on it just becomes a tragedy.

The main difference between the two highchairs is that the BabyWeavers one has a tray. Although the Stokke one is designed to let children sit right up at the table with you it seems daft not to give you the option of a table you can take off, as with the BabyWeavers one.

20140216-212417.jpgBoth chairs grow with the child (which is why I chose this one, so both boys have their own chairs) but while the Stokke lasts until adulthood the BabyWeavers is for until they’re around ten. That’s really where the comparison ends, but it was an inevitable comparison: a highchair that grows with the child will always be held against the Tripp Trapp. There are things I love about both, and at this stage I can’t choose between them.

I’ve admitted before that part of what I loved about the Stokke was the name and that I felt particularly favourable toward it as I couldn’t have afforded it myself. That obviously isn’t the case with the BabyWeavers chair, but I really do love it. The fact that I could afford to buy it, even before the sale, is a real bonus as it looks (and feels) so much more expensive.

It has adjustable seat and footplate height settings and, unlike the Stokke, a harness to strap the baby in (although Ted couldn’t move in that weird baby set anyway!).

Unfortunately the highchair is suitable from six months and Ben’s only four and a half. Either way, I’m so in love with the Cosatto 3sixti we had when Ted was little that we wouldn’t be using anything else for a while yet anyway. That’s supposed to be for six months too but it reclines and has cushioned supports, so it’s a bit sturdier while he’s not confidently sitting unaided.

Although not having used it probably puts the BabyWeavers chair at a slight disadvantage my gut feeling is that if I was buying a highchair I would absolutely buy this one, but that I would still choose the Stokke if money was no object. Everything about the BabyWeavers one is great and I do genuinely love it, but the Tripp Trapp just does it all with a little bit more style.

But a much bigger price tag.

The Kiddicare sale ends tomorrow (Monday 17th Feb) so you need to be really quick but check out the products you never thought you’d be able to afford. The markdowns are fab.

I was sent the BabyWeavers highchair for the purpose of this review but all opinions are my own and completely honest.


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