Ted’s first pets

When Daddy was a teenager his family gained a new member in the form of a beautiful German Shepherd named Samson. He’d grown up with cats but loved that dog more than anything.

My family, however, has a long history of allergies and so we grew up with tropical fish. I have clear memories of watching those fish for long periods of time, sometimes in something of a trance. I still love neon tetras more than any other fish (except for my beloved sharks, of course).

Allergies aside, BabyDaddy and I decided long before we became parents that we would never have cats or dogs with young children.

Recently Ted’s started taking a real interest in the fish at grandad’s house so we thought we’d set up a little tank of our own. We don’t have the time or money for a tropical tank yet but one day we hope we’ll have tetras.

20140221-080619.jpgWe thought it would be good for Ted to be involved in the whole process so he helped us to scoop the stones into the tank.

20140221-080719.jpgHe carefully placed Nemo in the tank to keep the fish company.

20140221-080757.jpgAnd then he added a hidey hole.

20140221-080833.jpgHe helped daddy pour in the water.

20140221-080905.jpgAnd then, after being assured that the tank didn’t need any toys or cutlery in it, he watched to see what would happen.

For various reasons our anticipated week of settling time became three, but yesterday we took Ted to choose some fish. We came home with three cloud minnows and two platys. Ted was much more excited than you might think from this photo but it’s the most emotion I could catch!

20140221-081127.jpgTed watched carefully as the fish were introduced to their new home.

And now, all fish being named ‘Fish’, they have found their feet fins and settled in nicely.

20140221-081237.jpgPerfect first pets for my little pet.


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