Nuby wacky teether

A while ago Nuby sent me a huge box full of teethers, some of which I gave away as prizes and some of which I donated to my local children’s centre. Of the teethers they sent there was one I probably wouldn’t have bought myself because it just didn’t look as exciting as the others: the wacky teether.

20140318-071847.jpgHowever, this teether has turned out to be a winner with all of the babies at the SureStart centre and Ben loves it. It’s small enough that they can hold it easily without bashing themselves in the face, it’s got fabric strips that they can fit in their mouth before they manage other teethers and it has soft gum-massaging sections that are thin enough to use before every other teether I’ve seen.

20140318-072107.jpgThe Wacky teether has even usurped the trusty bug-a-loop, Ted’s best friend when he was a baby, as not only our favourite teether but also our favourite toy. And it’s only £2.99!

I was given this teether for the purposes of this review but the views expressed are genuine.


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