Ben-led weaning week 2

Ben is really enjoying this whole weaning thing and I’m surprised to find that I am too.

20140402-201601.jpgWhereas with purée-weaning Ted it was tricky feeding him and eating my own dinner BLW is so much easier. Instead of spending hours cooking and blending and freezing goo I’m just giving Ben what we have. It’s really relaxed and he’s loving being part of mealtimes.
<br />
We tried Weetabix this week. I read that spooning some milk over the biscuit to soften it without it being too mushy was easiest so I gave it a go. Ted refused to touch it, as predicted, but Ben gave it a squish.

20140402-202022.jpgBen wasn’t a big fan of the Weetabix but perhaps that was due to the fact that everyone knows you should eat Weetabix with a spoon!

20140402-202324.jpgThe next challenge was going to soft play where Ted would be having lunch. I wanted to take something quick and easy so I cut a pitta bread into strips and popped it in a box. It was the first time I’d really noticed chewing and swallowing and he seemed to really enjoy it.

20140402-202538.jpgI wanted to try a proper meal this week so I made something everyone loves: meatballs.

20140406-190957.jpgI know the meatballs and sauce look just a little unappealing, and Ben’s making that clear, but they were actually okay and he managed to pick then up well. It’s definitely something I’ll make again, but I’ll probably spice up the sauce a little next time.

20140406-191148.jpgBen also tried a banana and some yoghurt this week. The banana was difficult for him to grasp so I might try letting him have some with the peel on for better grip, and I don’t think any made it to his mouth, but he played with it and squished it.

20140406-191348.jpgAnd the final new thing we tried was (kind of) scrambled eggs (done in a frying pan like scrambled fried eggs because I wanted to be sure they were cooked properly).

20140406-191509.jpgI don’t think he ate any of it but he had fun pushing it around on the tray and licking his fingers. But what Ben likes most about mealtimes so far is when he’s clearly fed up and we’re still eating and I give him a spoon or an empty bowl.

20140406-191655.jpgThere are people who say you shouldn’t introduce any kind of cutlery or crockery for the first few months of BLW. To those people I say (add something rude). I can’t see the harm in letting him learn to handle a spoon and improve his manual dexterity. And anyway, this is Ben-led weaning.

20140406-191953.jpgAnd it’s going really well!


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  1. Chris says:

    Hi there! I could have sworn I’ve visited this site before but after going through some of
    the posts I realized it’s new to me. Nonetheless, I’m definitely happy I found it and I’ll be book-marking it and checking back regularly!

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